[ US /ˈtɹæp/ ]
[ UK /tɹˈæp/ ]
  1. a light two-wheeled carriage
  2. informal terms for the mouth
  3. something (often something deceptively attractive) that catches you unawares
    the exam was full of trap questions
    it was all a snare and delusion
  4. a device to hurl clay pigeons into the air for trapshooters
  5. drain consisting of a U-shaped section of drainpipe that holds liquid and so prevents a return flow of sewer gas
  6. a hazard on a golf course
  7. the act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise
  8. a device in which something (usually an animal) can be caught and penned
  1. place in a confining or embarrassing position
    He was trapped in a difficult situation
  2. catch in or as if in a trap
    The men trap foxes
  3. to hold fast or prevent from moving
    The child was pinned under the fallen tree
  4. hold or catch as if in a trap
    The gaps between the teeth trap food particles
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How To Use trap In A Sentence

  • You think Spielberg would only have a rattletrap third-rate spaceship like the Millennium Falcon to ensure his survival? Does George Lucas think the world will end in 2012?
  • Sadly, none of a myriad of ingenious contraptions, despite inventors' claims, puts forth more energy than it absorbs.
  • She is an enigma wrapped in a riddle trapped in a really bad haircut. Times, Sunday Times
  • I just wanted to make a few comments about the sand trap that I'll call perspectival relativism.
  • Through her suit, Suzie Nova felt the diamantine exterior of the alien contraption throb faintly below her feet, alive with incomprehensible energies that course through it like blood through arteries.
  • With no warning signs on either side and under poor lighting, the road is a death trap for motorists.
  • He was a strapping lad with broad shoulders and quite tall.
  • The pilot straps himself to this bulky rig in a standing position, controlling it with joysticks during vertical takeoff and landing - or VTOL, as we say in the hover biz.
  • Reconditioned radiator or cooling system refilling ( possibly under filled or air trapped in system ).
  • He buckled them into place with a strap that dented my forehead, and gave me a wire to bite. Times, Sunday Times
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