How To Use Transposable In A Sentence

  • One of the mechanisms for the movement of genes is the so-called retrotransposable element, or retrotransposon. Human Evolution: It's all in the testes - The Panda's Thumb
  • A large fraction of the eukaryotic DNA is composed of transposable elements that can cause mutations when they transpose to novel sites.
  • Transposable elements are divided into two major classes according to their mode of transposition.
  • There were very few transpositions of transposable elements or microsatellite mutations in these lines, evidence, in fact, for the absence of contamination by exogenous flies.
  • It is difficult to avoid concluding that, where they do persist, transposable elements must be conferring some benefit.
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  • The instability of morphological variation in flower of Z . grandiflora might be related transposable genetic element.
  • Only 14% of the Arabidopsis genome is composed of transposable elements.
  • Transposable elements: Possible catalysts of organismic evolution. Parasite Rex
  • The feel of place emerges from an ancestral aesthetic that is mediated by the generative and transposable effects of ancestral places.
  • Moreover, copia elements, as investigated in this study, are the most rare type of transposable elements in fungi, especially among basidiomycetes.
  • The current studies on sexual Stage avirulence gene analysis, RFLP analysis, cloning of avirulence gene, gene transformation and transposable element of rice blast fungus are discussed in this Paper.

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