[ US /tɹænˈspɑndɝ/ ]
[ UK /tɹænspˈɒndɐ/ ]
  1. electrical device designed to receive a specific signal and automatically transmit a specific reply
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How To Use transponder In A Sentence

  • Other networks are more sophisticated, like the new beltway around Toronto, a toll road without tollbooths: transponders, cameras, and license-plate numbers provide the billing information.
  • His transponder's signal had been coming from a cave in the nearby volcano.
  • They captured these recruits as they left the hive, attached a radar transponder to them and then tracked their flight paths using harmonic radar.
  • The line includes power supplies, transmitters, optical amplifiers, digital transponders, return-path receivers, fiber-node platforms and Ethernet access devices.
  • It would be so much easier if I could believe the official story that a few hijackers with boxcutters and some perfunctory flight training on single-engined planes could have hijacked four large airliners, silenced the crews, turned off transponders, and then expertly guided two of them into the Twin Towers. Why I still question 911
  • Researchers are using two species in Belize, the redrump tarantula and the cinnamon tarantula, implanted with radio transponders to help monitor forest degradation.
  • They were professional, no doubt, if they knew that turning off the radio transponders made the planes invisible to the air controllers, that is not something you pick up in flight sim.
  • A carpooler must be using the switchable transponder set to an HOV mode. Highly motivated people will be looking for Capital Beltway HOT lane scofflaws
  • From Earth a signal with a very precise frequency is transmitted to the spacecraft, and a transponder aboard the spacecraft sends it back.
  • An unidentified pilot could be no more than a private aviator who unknowingly sends out a wrong signal on his transponder.
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