[ UK /tɹænsmjˈuːt/ ]
  1. alter the nature of (elements)
  2. change or alter in form, appearance, or nature
    She transformed the clay into a beautiful sculpture
    transubstantiate one element into another
    This experience transformed her completely
  3. change in outward structure or looks
    He transformed into a monster
    The salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle
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How To Use transmute In A Sentence

  • Since I would go to Tibet if I chose, but could not transmute dustballs into gold under any circumstances, only the first course of action is in this sense a possibility for me.
  • As early as the third century, Chinese alchemists used formulations of mercury as elixirs and attempted to transmute other substances into gold to use the gold as an elixir to prolong life.
  • The former must explain how thunderbots are transmuted into sharp pieces of silex., the latter how 'natural stones, rocks, and minerals [...] grow in the earth'. Stone Tools and Arguments Against Design
  • Indeed, Moulsworth vows to transmute the faulty model provided by the Biblical Martha, the archetypal busy housewife: Moulsworth plans to "dight" (or make ready) her "Inward house" (l. 19) and thus prepare an appropriate habitation for Christ. My Name Was Martha: A Renaissance Woman's Autobiographical Poem
  • The conventional image of Paracelsus himself as the ultimate mystic who sought to transmute base metals into gold and to create homunculi must be re-evaluated.
  • Like so many other beauty products, styling treatments have come a long, long way: 20 years ago there were products that, when dry, transmuted into white flakes of dandruff.
  • It's a text, it has to be said, that is not so much translated — Pound's Chinese "translations" are notoriously inaccurate, though accuracy as such was hardly the point — as derived, paraphrased, transmuted from the eighth-century source (by way of professors Fenollosa, Mori, and Ariga) into a new and startlingly powerful, startlingly alive, English poem. Ezra Pound, “Lament of the Frontier Guard”
  • In the US, however, the European pastoral ideal, rooted in Virgil's bucolic visions of an unchanging Arcadia of shepherds and shepherdesses, has been transmuted by the capitalistic impetus.
  • This shadow transmutes into wisdom by letting go of your self-importance and experiencing the enriching depth, expansiveness, and abundance of all life with equanimity. C. Clinton Sidle: The Five Wisdoms Of The Mandala
  • Meanwhile, traditional Range Rover cues are transmuted into styling gold: The blacked-out rocker panels and lower bumper clips, the clamshell hood with a cutline running from the narrow LED headlamps to a pectoral hood vent, the integrated front and rear treadplates, the integrated running boards, the defined wheel arches. Evoque: A Range Rover for a Smaller Era
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