How To Use Transcultural In A Sentence

  • Chinese Wushu, as a form of sports practice and unique cultural phenomenon of human intelligence, must widely participate in worldwide transcultural communication in a positive attitude.
  • In recent decades, however, art historians have become interested in how indigenous material and visual culture can express the transcultural situation of American Indian people.
  • One of the most disputed terms in postcolonial studies, ‘hybridity 'commonly refers to “the creation of new transcultural forms within the contact zone produced by colonisation.” SeeLight:
  • This is a search for global moral principles or, in his words, 'a transcultural effort of reason and imagination'. The Times Literary Supplement
  • a transcultural ideal of freedom embracing all the peoples of the world
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  • The novel stakes out a universalist position that valorizes a basic, transcultural category of the female body, especially as and when that body is subjected to disfigurement on account of patriarchal ideologies.
  • Some individuals have argued that human rights are a result of modern Western transcultural, social, economic, and scientific developments.
  • It is an ethnographic study of a specific regional, supra-ethnic and transcultural phenomenon of the Guyana Highlands, situated in the context of ethnohistory and modernisation.
  • All of our interventions are comprised of both transcultural and culturally specific ingredients.
  • Hopefully, philosophers will again be led to recognise that a truly transcultural understanding of subjectivity and intersubjectivity requires us to leave our armchairs and venture into the field.
  • This finding has implications for our distinction between transcultural and culturally specific aspects of interventions.
  • It is a transnational and transcultural history that will spur others to identify further sources and generate new perspectives. The Times Literary Supplement
  • We can therefore disclose a mode of transcultural exchange as a mutual containment of power in order to hold a mirror to the present cultural exchange.
  • The relative paucity of material goods owned by Corpsmen is, in terms of transcultural perception, a complicating factor.
  • Transcultural management often pays attention to only the negative influence of cultural differences. Hence international enterprises attach importance to the culture merge in culture integration.

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