How To Use Transcendental number In A Sentence

  • Mathematicians had regarded algebraic numbers as, in some sense, simpler than transcendental numbers.
  • Of the irrational, transcendental numbers, pi seems to get all the attention.
  • The very names negative numbers, irrational numbers, transcendental numbers, imaginary numbers, and ideal points at infinity indicate ambivalence.
  • In 1851 he published results on transcendental numbers removing the dependence on continued fractions.
  • Liouville had introduced such numbers as examples of transcendental numbers - real numbers that are not roots of polynomial equations with integer coefficients.
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  • Rational like integers or fractions, irrational like algebra or transcendental numbers. THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS
  • As with his intermediate views on genuine irrationals and the Multiplicative Axiom, Wittgenstein here looks at the diagonal proof of the non-denumerability of “the set of transcendental numbers” as one that shows only that transcendental numbers cannot be recursively enumerated. Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mathematics
  • A transcendental number is an irrational number that is not a root of any polynomial equation with integer coefficients.

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