How To Use Toy poodle In A Sentence

  • My ex-girlfriend had an apricot toy poodle and it was the best damned dog I've ever met.
  • Now after all that fuss, I don't think she should have picked up her two toy poodles to sit on her lap.
  • An officer picked up a white toy poodle from the woman's house. Prince George's County Animal Watch
  • She also won first place in both the clipped terrier and toy and miniature poodle rounds, with help from miniature schnauzer Oscar and toy poodle Clive.
  • Inform your honey that you've had it with the hysteria and the shrieking, so her toy poodle has to go.
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  • Because he's been such a toy poodle for corporations that now are proving to be systemically corrupt, Harvey's been taking heat, including bipartisan demands that he resign.
  • He said that his toy poodle had to have the same gluten-free diet as he did. Times, Sunday Times
  • He stood at a podium, and beside him was a woman with a little toy poodle as carefully groomed as she was.
  • If you have a white toy poodle, you would want to place her on, or in front of, a black, blue or brown backdrop.
  • Louis XIV spent 200,000 gold francs for the construction of the royal kennels at Versailles where he kenneled hunting hounds, truffle terriers and toy poodles.
  • So, after eating in the kitchen, I let my small toy poodle dog into the house, from the garage.
  • Tell the interviewer that your white toy poodle is lost in that huge snowbank and you need help.
  • Just this past month Fifi, her fluffy white toy poodle passed away and the void is painful.
  • The whole theme was accented by stuffed toy poodles carried by models on the catwalk, who held them as lovingly as yesterday's trash being hauled to the bin.
  • Maybe it's because my two Toy Poodles were horribly upset one cold day.
  • The latest sad news is that their tiny toy poodle has disappeared.
  • They had dogs of their own - a mastiff the size of a Humvee, and a tiny comma of a toy poodle.

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