How To Use Touchy-feely In A Sentence

  • However, I think that perhaps Scots men should learn to be a bit more touchy-feely and diplomatic, say for example when they are shopping with their wives.
  • None of that subjective, touchy-feely stuff about the morality of acause. The Volokh Conspiracy » Birnbaum on Human Rights Watch and Israel
  • Then last month, in a touchy-feely gesture not typical of Britain, David Cameron announced that the British government would start collecting figures on well-being.
  • The self-help workshop was very touchy-feely, and made me fell uncomfortable.
  • So, while everyone below me is allowed to be distraught and upset and embarrassed, and while everyone above me is allowed to get all touchy-feely with their own emotions about what I must be going through, I'm not allowed to do anything.
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  • She has a flirty character and in one of our meetings she began to get very touchy-feely. The Sun
  • He's fresh, an internationalist and touchy-feely with the electorate.
  • The Mavericks, with 250 slaps, hugs, taps or bumps, are almost twice as touchy-feely as the Heat, who had only 134 instances of televised contact. Dallas's Secret Weapon: High Fives
  • Perhaps this can all be traced to the hand-holding, touchy-feely pop psychology that has penetrated our schools, our office buildings and our doctor's offices.
  • And after all that scrubbing the surface is silky soft and touchy-feely right now.
  • I'm just clingy and he's just extremely touchy-feely.
  • The thing is, me being involved with interviews and such, helps dilutes the Left's touchy-feely maternal embrace angle.
  • Wow, you're getting pretty touchy-feely, Neal.
  • There's been nothing since, suggesting that Fianna Fail's more touchy-feely members were no longer sure how they should express themselves in public.
  • Then there are the really touchy-feely questions, seemingly plucked from a personality test.
  • But, of course, Democrats have the opposite problem: Moderates - particularly white males - think Democrats are too touchy-feely and soft.
  • The frozen-hearted never enjoy touchy-feely displays of emotion, like hugs.
  • We are not a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely family, and I wouldn't want us to be.
  • It's a real touchy-feely place in terms of affection and warmth.
  • Losing It With Jillian" takes what was good about "The Biggest Loser" -- the weigh-ins, the workouts, the touchy-feely fussbudget who is Jillian's co-star, Bob Harper -- and replaces it with all that oopy-goopy lard of the sorrow of being fat. NBC's 'Losing It With Jillian,' shedding tears before pounds
  • People do not want them referred to as little, touchy-feely persons, because crooks, crims, and offenders is what they are.
  • They created a touchy-feely work environment with perks like onsite laundry facilities and free food.
  • Certain things I'm glad to be rid of, like the hand-holding, wishy-washy, touchy-feely staff that coddles the kids who cause trouble and psychoanalyze the victims of the trouble makers.
  • The self-help workshop was very touchy-feely, and made me feel uncomfortable.
  • Can we get a bit touchy-feely? Times, Sunday Times
  • And your feel-good announcement that you've joined some touchy-feely emotional management group does nothing for me.
  • If I cry they just seem to be more affectionate, more touchy-feely, more, in some cases sexy.
  • The hotel industry is not all about touchy-feely stuff, though. Times, Sunday Times
  • Like his son, his downfall was that he didn't have a ‘support system,’ a phrase that sounds alarmingly touchy-feely for a guy who cringes at the idea of emotional baggage
  • Then you extremists can look at me through your far-right-wing-colored glasses and call this crusty old seadog a "touchy-feely liberal" for not being in lock-step with the Republicans. Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off
  • Getting touchy-feely is also good - something as small as a touch on the arm as you chat will work wonders. The Sun
  • Now, I am not so naive as to think that this is anything more than innocent touching, and, if he is anything like me, then being tactile and touchy-feely with people is nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Already, we Labour members are being subject to a "touchy-feely" policy questionnaire about re-engagement, realignment and forging contracts with communities. Letters: New Labour elite still don't get it
  • Yea; if you can do touchy-feely smoke and mirrors to mask the actual CONTENT of the proposed bills, maybe they can sneak this healthcare nightmare through. Michelle Obama: A secret weapon in health care reform?
  • Last Sunday's Seeing Red told the truish story of Ms Atkins, the 1970s TV star-turned-hopelessly romantic, idealistic owner of a touchy-feely free-range children's home.
  • Dean is an NPR liberal" doesn't fit because he doesn't come off as a touchy-feely, new-ager, which is the common perception of liberals except to Ann Coulter who sees us as evil agents of Satan. Hullabaloo
  • Sounds awful touchy-feely, but sometimes the most revolutionary ideas are touchy-feely.
  • I guess I'm a lot more of a touchy-feely guy than I thought I was.
  • Coaching has a bit of a touchy-feely reputation in some business circles. Times, Sunday Times
  • It somehow seemed gentler, more touchy-feely, and, well, sweeter - that is, until I realized that it would entail a bit more hardcore complexity than I'd bargained for.
  • What did the politically correct call it now in this age of touchy-feely newspeak ? CORMORANT
  • In Mitchell's crafty hands, the bawdy drawings become kaleidoscopic fun-fur mosaics: deliciously touchy-feely, rather than puerile or self-consciously lewd.
  • She gave him a quick pat on the shoulder, another surprise; he wasn't a very touchy-feely person.
  • Firebrand technology author Michael Arrington writes, "Make no mistake, the touchy-feely talk about user experience is little more than a coat of paint on top of a monumental hatred of Microsoft. In a cutthroat world, some Web giants thrive by cooperating
  • And, although this touchy-feely motion picture transforms Redford's character into a human being, he starts out as an unapologetic misanthrope.
  • Once viewed as a touchy-feely topic relegated to the human resources department, leadership development is now seen as a business tool that gives companies a competitive advantage.
  • So hats off to the band for going ahead with the film - particularly as they come across not as the fearsome rock warriors of popular image but a bunch of self-regarding, touchy-feely sissies.
  • Try to express such anger today, and what happens: touchy-feely politicians get up on a platform intended for dissidents, and bloody well agree with you.
  • Naturally, the show has its share of touchy-feely and maudlin moments, and the sort of self-examination that some of us would have a hard time acknowledging to ourselves, let alone sharing with thousands of strangers.
  • In particular, I do want to answer an earlier comment's question about "What if Boudicca had defeated the Romans?", though of course my answer will go the touchy-feely, anthropology route, not rely on military history. Great Scots
  • Television has done the touchy-feely stuff on these sons, daughters and wives in the fray, but the print media has provided the range and depth, documenting state by state the number of political families successfully grooming heirs.
  • Instead, the new campaign is all about touchy-feely dads competing in school sports days and non-conformist, caring soldiers.
  • For years he's been saying that boys are sick of being bossed about by liberated mothers, and of being brainwashed into becoming touchy-feely drips who grow up to wear earrings, go shopping and get their chest hair waxed.
  • Whether seated at piano or perched on stool with guitar, the sensitive songstress has presented pleas for a similarly sensitive male - touchy-feely, open, kind and loving.
  • It is a mental discipline: it trains us to think clearly - a skill largely lost in today's emotive, touchy-feely age.
  • For years he's been saying that boys are sick of being bossed about by liberated mothers, and of being brainwashed into becoming touchy-feely drips who grow up to wear earrings, go shopping and get their chest hair waxed.
  • You mortals and your touchy-feely lovey-dovey emotions.
  • Like any good doctrine, there is a sprinkling of mysticism and a touchy-feely woo-woo factor that readers can ignore or embrace.
  • If I have just met you and really like you, you might be a bit uncomfortable since I am a bit touchy-feely and would want to hug you right out of the gate.
  • Sounds awful touchy-feely, but sometimes the most revolutionary ideas are touchy-feely.
  • I'm busting myself going on every audition that I'm remotely right for, and you dump a perfectly good job because some old guy gets a little touchy-feely.
  • The more than 100,000 employees he downsized can testify that he is not a touchy-feely kind of guy.
  • Where boys and girls score comparably on cognitive skills, boys get worse grades in the touchy-feely stuff.
  • Some said frankly that instead of a day spent on something as touchy-feely as personal development, they should have had more time on educationally-driven sessions, on something such as the Higher Still syllabus.
  • It's Britain's latest touchy-feely anti-drugs campaign.
  • David Cameron's early burst of touchy-feely decontamination distracted us from Conservative Europhobia; the likes of Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine remind us that once it didn't have nearly as much purchase on the Tory soul, and it was Labour's ranks that feared the clutches of Brussels. Europhobia's no swivel-eyed Tory monopoly | John Harris
  • If someone is very touchy-feely and enjoys displays of affection, they'll look for those specific cues because that's how they express love.
  • She is just not terribly touchy-feely, and never has been.
  • But in truth, offering us more choice in how we connect with one another does nothing to redress imbalances of power, especially when social relationships are established in such a touchy-feely way.
  • Even having grown up in a very loving, touchy-feely family, too much contact made me feel antsy, so eventually I gave one last, pitiful sniffle, told myself to get a grip, and pulled away.
  • Although generally quite a touchy-feely person, I never back away from physical interaction, unless, particularly, that physical interaction should be focused on the eyeball.
  • Touchy-feely fabrics such as fur, sheepskin, suede, crushed velvet and silk will dominate, in deep colours reflecting their opulent nature - aubergines, olives, purples and chocolates.
  • The closest we ever seem to come is the Mulder and Scully clones populating TV, the mystical touchy-feely men paired with hard-bitten rational women. Emasculation not required at SF Novelists
  • As one who works primarily with youth from the public schools, I see that they live in a pluralistic world, out of touch with both the touchy-feely liberalism and the outward trappings of Tridentine piety.
  • They were very touchy-feely, both laughing and really happy. Public Make Out Session
  • Everyone knows the IOC is as big a cesspool of corruption, bribery and cronyism as almost every other high-minded international organization, and the Vancouver bid presentation is as touchy-feely as one would expect: Daimnation!: Vancouver 2010
  • Well, of course, this is compassion night, touchy-feely night at the Republican National Convention.
  • The star says he isn't a touchy-feely person but besotted girls queue up to cuddle him.
  • We are not a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely family, and I wouldn't want us to be.

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