How To Use Totipotent In A Sentence

  • Other authors have proposed that such teratomas may originate from totipotential embryonic rests in the left genital ridge.
  • That statement is also misleading since ASCs are limited because they are multipotent but not totipotent - they can form some, but by no means all of the different kinds of cells in the body. Robert Klitzman, M.D.: Conservatives Killing Research That Could Potentially Save Millions of Americans
  • They have not usually been described as totipotent because, the inner cell mass having already differentiated from trophoblast, the cells of the inner cell mass were believed to be no longer able to give rise to the cells of the trophoblast. CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]
  • But this whole idea that there are three different types of cells out there -- there are what as known as totipotent cells which come from the very earliest stages of an embryo -- they can develop into anything, including another human being. CNN Transcript Jun 20, 2007
  • What he showed next were a series of experiments in which they pushed cultured, totipotent mouse embryonic stem cells to desired neural fates using the various factors he had identified as significant in vivo.
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  • embryonic stem cells are totipotent
  • While each somatic stem cell of the adult organism is committed to a certain line of differentiation, the early embryo contains stem cells that are totipotent, i.e. they give rise to all cell types in the developing organism. The 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Advanced Information
  • These are so-called totipotent cells, meaning that they have ability to differentiate, or diversify, into any type of cell. IOL: News
  • In the early stages after fertilization - immediately after a sperm and egg join together and begin dividing - stem cells are considered totipotent.
  • Here, human or mouse embryonic stem cells, in vitro representatives of the totipotent inner cell mass blastomeres, are placed into culture.
  • Thus, we conclude that neoblasts, the totipotent stem cells in the planarians, of acquired sexuals remain ‘asexual’ and the worms require external supply of a sexualizing substance for the differentiation of sexual organs and gametes.
  • Approximately four days after fertilization and after several cycles of cell division, these totipotent cells begin to specialize.
  • But to make a true clone a cell needs to be not just pluripotent, but totipotent and thus able to turn into an entire animal.
  • The first cells to arise from a fertilized ovum are described as totipotent ( "potent for everything"). Autotomous Penes & Endless War
  • Totipotent cells have the capacity to specialize into extraembryonic membranes and tissues, the embryo, and all postembryonic tissues and organs.
  • Thus, unlike totipotent single-cell embryos, pluripotent embryonic stem cells are specialized cells that have limited developmental capabilities.
  • Studies of testicular teratomas showed that these tumours contain totipotent cells. The 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Advanced Information
  • For the first few divisions, up to at least the 8-cell stage, all the cells of the tiny embryo are totipotent stem cells.

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