toothed whale

  1. any of several whales having simple conical teeth and feeding on fish etc.
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How To Use toothed whale In A Sentence

  • The Antarctic lacks small resident toothed whales like the beluga and the narwhal of the Arctic.
  • For example, echolocation by bats and toothed whales is dependent on the sound transmission properties of air and water that can change with temperature or density.
  • But even modern baleen whales which are here probably a better comparison as they lack the melons of modern toothed whales have bulbous nostrils which have cartilaginous and musculous parts, what leads to a different external profile and postion of the nostrils than the bare bone would show. Maiacetus, Part 2
  • Echolocation - the trick of emitting sound pulses and navigating by accurate timing of the echoes - has evolved at least four times: in bats, toothed whales, oilbirds and cave swiftlets.
  • These whales are distinguished from the toothed whales by having baleen, or whalebone, as part of the mouth structure.
  • ③ Monodon monoceros: The narwhal is a medium-sized toothed whale that lives year-round in the Arctic. New Products from Geek Stuff 4 U .com
  • The toothed whales have a set of teeth which they use to grasp large and quick-moving prey, mainly squid or fish.
  • These include the shrews, some moles, some bats, the striped skunk, the pinniped carnivores, toothed whales, the aardvark, and murid rodents.
  • Such giant cephalopods play or played a similar ecological role of top predator to that of Devonian arthrodire placoderms, Mesozoic pliosaurs and Cenozoic toothed whales.
  • Their elongate mouth and strong jaws held rows of pointed conical teeth, similar in shape to those of modern toothed whales.
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