[ UK /tˈɒləɹənt/ ]
[ US /ˈtɑɫɝənt/ ]
  1. able to tolerate environmental conditions or physiological stress
    these fish are quite tolerant as long as extremes of pH are avoided
    the plant is tolerant of saltwater
    the new hybrid is more resistant to drought
  2. showing respect for the rights or opinions or practices of others
  3. showing or characterized by broad-mindedness
    tolerant of his opponent's opinions
    generous and broad sympathies
    a broad political stance
    a liberal newspaper
  4. tolerant and forgiving under provocation
    our neighbor was very kind about the window our son broke
  5. showing the capacity for endurance
    injustice can make us tolerant and forgiving
    a man patient of distractions
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How To Use tolerant In A Sentence

  • Even I, a tolerant representative of the Middle Way, found myself blinking at this unquestionably Romish style of adornment. ABSOLUTE TRUTHS
  • The card consolidate credit debt in photoflash intolerant false is of muton, due to the unaffectionate ad vocal that the barnacle yack ethene expense to repp as a perverted cymene. Rational Review
  • And how can those who profess to revere this charismatic figure, propound views so intolerantly divergent from those of their great leader?
  • Cecil was a staunch Protestant but, like the king, took a relatively tolerant attitude towards Catholics.
  • Religions all have different names, but they all contain the same truths. I think the people of our religion should be tolerant and understand people believe different things. Muhammad Ali 
  • So the starting point of the law is an essentially agnostic view of religious beliefs and a tolerant indulgence to religious and cultural diversity.
  • The intolerant citizens have called for a nation-wide general strike to bring down the deep-rooted stratocracy in Burma, due to the junta\'s insistence of barring the Lady to participate in the country\'s political reform process. ' Burma Question - sill a matter of regional concern
  • The study shows that the females have a prudential attitude to divorce, and a tolerant attitude to outside marriage love, and they reject sex behavior before marriage.
  • He didn't like Clayton very much either, despite the fact that they were bunkmates, but Kyle was more tolerant than I was so I was the one who had to hate him.
  • If you are tempted to plant annual flower seedlings, consider the most heat-tolerant ones such as petunias, calendulas, cosmos & African marigolds.
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