How To Use Todea In A Sentence

  • Might look for a phasmid stick insect for a mascot/cover model for Phasmatodea, which is my and aklikins's Chapman Stick duo. The state of the scorpion address
  • I don't deserve it inbox 35, todealbox 9, wonderlandbox 9, mailing list boxen 400+ but I'm going to have it anyway, because it's PRETTY. February 2009
  • The morphological structures of these antennal sensilla could be used for a useful character to identify or classify the families and genera in Blattodea.
  • In the terminal, proctodeal region of stage 10 embryos, bft transcripts appear in endodermal cells corresponding to the anlagen of the posterior spiracles, which also express Cut.
  • Went to Accipiter and found an excellent shadow box of a large malaysian phasmid stick insect I was thinking about using for photographs for Phasmatodea, and a really nice shadow box of a scorpion specimen. Stick, shopping, solaris, s'DJ

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