1. the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)
  2. a bell used to sound an alarm
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How To Use tocsin In A Sentence

  • Peace, ye Patriots, nevertheless; and let that tocsin cease: the Debate is not finished, nor the Report accepted; but Brissot, Isnard and the Mountain will sift it, and resift it, perhaps for some three weeks longer. The French Revolution
  • As the last words came hoarsely forth on to the night air, _clang, clang, clang_, burst out the tocsin of the alarm bell, silencing the music in the ballroom and sending an electric thrill through every listener within the precincts of the castle; but ere the great bell had sent forth a score of vibrating notes which came quivering through the darkness and echoing from every wall, the clattering of hoofs began in obedience to the whispered commands of his Majesty of France: The King's Esquires The Jewel of France
  • It’s filled with the usual NRO "ooh, Science scary" tocsins, as well as a dig at working women "The demand side of the market comes mostly from career-minded baby-boomers, the frontierswomen of feminism, who thought they could have it all". Firedoglake » When Are We Gonna Ban In Vitro Fertilization?
  • Bells clanged in Abasio's head, like a tocsin ardently rung. A PLAGUE OF ANGELS
  • The ringing of the tocsin, notoriously the call to insurrection since the memorable journées of 1789, marked the seizure of power in the small hours of the tenth by the central committee of the sections.
  • They feature oscillating messages hinting at items up for bid and close with a tocsin in receding text: ‘Going, Going, Gone.’
  • And while tocsins sounded all over Paris, the dead were carted through the Saint-Antoine district, accompanied by witnesses to the massacre shouting ‘Vengeance!’
  • Every one knew that a tocsin bell to be duly rung, should be rung long and loud — not with a little merry jingle, such as befitted the announcement of a wedding, but in a manner to strike astonishment, if not alarm, into its hearers; and on this occasion great justice was done to the tocsin. La Vend�e
  • Here in farm country, where the tocsin would bring the farmers and their families swarming at him like bees? A PLAGUE OF ANGELS
  • In the midst of all these convulsions of the bell mingled with the revolt, the clock of Saint-Paul struck eleven, gravely and without haste; for the tocsin is man; the hour is God.
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