1. in a tedious manner
    boringly slow work
    he plodded tediously forward
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How To Use tiresomely In A Sentence

  • Characters thus afflicted may be realistic but they are also tiresomely predictable in their cravenness.
  • These stories broke practically simultaneously, emphasizing, for me, the importance of paying attention to this theme -- which was, no, not the tiresomely repetitive theme of public men's private sexual escapades, but the tiresomely repetitive theme of abuse of power -- abuse of the power and privilege that come with rank, now known as rankism. Pamela Gerloff: If This Were A Dream, What Would It Mean?
  • It is as tiresomely literal as having a person fall at the feet of another to indicate they're about to romantically fall at their feet.
  • It was necessary to explain things at great length, diffusedly and tiresomely, to the superintendent, a coarse and insolent man, who bore himself to all the tenants in the house as toward a conquered city; and feared only the students slightly, because they gave him a severe rebuff at times. Yama: the pit
  • Alas, it is becoming as tiresomely cliched as all the others, with its share of scheming women.
  • He is tiresomely interested in his prowess as a box-maker, or a boxster, or whatever it is in athletic parlance. A Fool and His Money
  • As a result, I labeled the genre to be sterile and difficult; the album's beats are very mechanical, sometimes tiresomely so, and the solemn melodies are unyieldingly complex.
  • Rose, unassuming, not even pretty, certainly tiresomely obtuse about some things, had wished him goodbye in a matter-of - fact manner which should have left him in no doubt as to her feelings, but her eyes, her lovely gentle eyes, mused Mr. Werdmer ter Sane besot - tedly, had betrayed her. A Girl Named Rose
  • Robert Coles's sketch about his fifth-grade teacher is tiresomely didactic.
  • And the manner in which political manhood gets displayed is tiresomely predictable: macho chest beating, posing with the fetish objects of anxious masculinity (trucks, big machines, and even bigger weapons), humiliating your opponent with castrating insults, calling into question his or her ability to be tough, ruthless, and merciless with the designated enemy of the moment -- in short, phallic strutting. Stephen Ducat: Revenge of the Wimp Factor: The Ironies of Proving Manhood in the Democratic Primary
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