How To Use Tinplate In A Sentence

  • She was bound from Swansea for St John, New Brunswick, Canada, with a general cargo, including 1300 tons of tinplate and, oddly enough, Christmas puddings and bicycles.
  • We expect higher raw material cost to continue in the near-term, driven by the lag effect of higher oil prices from earlier periods, as well as recent increases in other input cost such as tinplate and some other chemicals. The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator
  • We are using the electrolytic tinplate for our 3 piece cans; we have our own coating line but we export our tinplates from either Japan or Taiwan.
  • Still, by the later years of the 19th century the workshops of Nuremberg were turning out thousands of tinplate warships for the British middle-classes. First toys, then models and now works of art
  • By its design, the traditional failure mode in tinplated connections, fretting corrosion, is prevented.
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  • Scotland, however, wasn't over-specialized - like South Wales, for example, which concentrated on tinplate and coal.
  • The part of the sole in front of the rabbet mouth was neatly clad with tinplate.
  • Around the edge of each mask, a strengthening strip of scrap tinplate was fixed by careful hammering.
  • Nominal coating thickness for equally coated tinplate range from 0.38 to 1.54 m on each surface.
  • We are interesting to find manufacturers of tin, tinplated & lacquered screw caps for food use with or without a hole cut.
  • Indian railways , tinplate and galvanized iron products ( production processing wholesale and retail ) ( limited branch ).
  • The original flat sheet of tinplated steel can be coated with a protective lacquer on the inside.
  • Prime-matte tinplates, prime-bright tinplates and tinplates for general can lines are among the types that can be produced in this facility.
  • Percentage reduction on tandem mill and final earing relationships of tinplates are researched.
  • The North Dock, built originally for the ships exporting millions of tons of tinplate, have been turned into Millennium Quays, home to a sail training and water sports centre.
  • Pub purists might quibble with the cafe-bar furniture and the tinplate paintings of Thai landscapes, but, in all other respects, the Vine Thai fulfils its brief. Norwich's 10 best budget eats
  • The Brass-Cell filter consists of a tinplated aluminum frame, tin-plated stainless steel gasket (Ultra Quick-Shield) and brass honeycomb panels.
  • New criteria for tinplates are described, including evaluation of earing on double reduced sheets.
  • Coal and coke transformed the industry and a specialization developed in coated steel plate, tinplate, and galvanized sheet.
  • On the other hand, the pine, ash, iron, tinplate, metal type, and tools with which we worked at Eastfield seemed very real indeed.
  • 1810 - Peter Durand of England gets a patent using pottery, glass and tinplated iron to use in canning.
  • A major producer of electrolytic and hot-dipped tinplate, the Yorkville works also manufactures black plate and terne plate.
  • From there, he moved onto Japanese-made toy robots and large scale cars (made of tinplate, battery-powered or wind-ups, the most popular brand being Modern Toys - the Masudaya label of toy makers, with origins spanning back to the 1700s). To market, to market: treasure hunting in Mexico City's flea markets
  • Cans for beer, soda, fruit drinks, and mineral water are made of tinplate, sometimes lined with plastic; their covers and tabs are aluminum.
  • While many attribute this to the lower cost of plastics as compared to tinplates, this is not necessarily true for all pack sizes.
  • Containers used for aerosols are typically made of either tinplated steel or aluminum because of their superior strength.
  • But the workers simply sat over their meals with empty tinplate eyes and hands smeared with oil. Herta Müller - Nobel Lecture
  • These trains are still a going concern in the States, and their now unusual three-rail tinplate tracks are still in our loft. Family life
  • Cans for food, aerosol sprays and many other consumer goods are made from "tinplate," sheets of steel covered in a thin layer of tin. Rising Costs Kick Price of Trusty Tin Can
  • Then both surfaces are electrolytically tinplated using, for example, a Halogen-type process.
  • By end 2003, we are eyeing a production of 1,25,000 tonne per annum of tinplates from the current production of 90,000 tonne.
  • Along with that have grown up a number of subsidiary industries, such as tinplate, wire and wire nails, and so on. India

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