How To Use Tiger-striped In A Sentence

  • Dentex and rainbow-colored wrasse snuffle the white sand below, stirring up a meal, while tiger-striped gobies lay among the rocks, waiting to snap the smaller fish up in turn. The Alluring Remoteness of Karpathos
  • But the summer my mother and her husband separated, Lorne moved out and took his entire five-piece tiger-striped couch set with him.
  • And the Malaysian actress wowed the crowd with a tiger-striped cheongsam that seemed to define the moment.
  • Firstly, the jeans had been worn by somebody for a whole year, with repeated washes, so as to achieve the proper sort of tiger-striped fading round the crotch and pale patches round the knees.
  • The frail, amber-tinted little dragon-flies of the South came hovering over the lotus bloom that edged the basin; long, narrow-shaped butterflies whose velvet-black wings were barred with brilliant stripes of canary yellow fluttered across the forest aisle; now and then a giant papilio sailed high under the arched foliage on tiger-striped wings of chrome and black, or a superb butterfly in pearl white and malachite green came flitting about the sparkle-berry bloom. The Firing Line

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