How To Use Tiger salamander In A Sentence

  • Isolated retinal bipolar cells from tiger salamanders act like adaptive filters: at resting potential, their response gain and time constant are maximal, and transfer functions are lowpass.
  • Finally, where residual populations of tiger salamanders have survived despite the odds in still isolated locations, they have become a target of the pet trade.
  • Another family, the Ambystomatidae occurs in the New World from Canada to central Mexico and includes the tiger salamander and the axolotl.
  • Tiger salamanders often become neotenic (retaining their larval forms) even reproducing as larvae, and only rarely metamorphosing into terrestrial adults. Adaptations of desert amphibians and reptiles
  • Probably a lot of people would recognize other Ambystoma; they include the tiger salamander and the axlotl. Archive 2008-05-01
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  • In Iowa, what many people call mud puppies are the waterdogs, the larvae of our tiger salamander.

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