1. (Akkadian) mother of the gods and consort of Apsu
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How To Use Tiamat In A Sentence

  • Luna could feel a presence around Tiamat that dared people to challenge her.
  • Tiamat is our prime adversary, the Black Angel who was defeated and cast into the netherworld by Aikido, the founding member of the Society.
  • Ingersoll traces all images of the dragon back to Tiamat, the watery, primordial goddess slain by Marduk in the Enuma Elish, a Babylonian version of the combat myth; as they appear in various myths around the world, dragons are typicallly associated with water, though in different contexts, so that some are rain gods, some are guardians of underground pools, and some are chthonic representatives of the chaotic sea. You Go, Greydanus, or, O'Brien and the Dragon
  • _Tiamat_ is the name given to the Babylonian mother of the universe, the dragon of the deep; and in Genesis it is written that "darkness was upon the face of the _deep_ (_tehōm_). The Astronomy of the Bible An Elementary Commentary on the Astronomical References of Holy Scripture
  • When Tiamat opened her mouth to consume him, He drove in the Evil Wind that she closes not her lips.
  • Jerry gurgled, struggling to break free of Tiamat's grip.
  • In the Babylonian creation story their great god Marduk fights the sea dragon Tiamat.
  • Luna could feel a presence around Tiamat that dared people to challenge her.
  • They save the evil gods for the DMG since no right thinking young sprat would want their PC to worship one of them, but they do list them – Asmodeus, Bane, Gruumsh, Lolth, Tiamat, Vecna, and newcomers Torog (Underdark) and Zehir (dark, poison, assassins – Pyremius and Beltar merged). 4e PHB Readthrough – Chapters 1-3 « Geek Related
  • Marduk collages harrowing news reports of female political activists abducted, tortured or "disappeared" in places such as Paraguay, Turkey, and China, and juxtaposes them with an equally violent script: a Sumerian creation myth in which the god Marduk murders and disembowels the goddess Tiamat, splitting her "like a flat fish into two halves" to make "a covering for the heavens". Nancy Spero: no pity
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