[ UK /θˈʌndəklˌa‍ʊd/ ]
  1. a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity; associated with thunderstorms
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How To Use thundercloud In A Sentence

  • Mrs. Jeanne Macdonald-Gregory, who had served as an RAF airwoman in World War II, wrote ‘The sky did not contain the normal heavy electric thunderclouds but moving layers, black in parts.’
  • i will never have another first child. there are thunderclouds building in the sky and i already know what i will tell my child when we see these clouds together. see those clouds? they are gray. the color of the sidewalk. of lolo's hair when he doesn't color it. of grandpa's hair under his hat. grownups call it "cumulonimbus". daddy calls it "buggy cloud," or Fathering
  • As you pointed out, it takes about 800 million volts to get lightning to jump between a thundercloud and the ground.
  • A thundercloud, with a distinctive upper anvil shape, results from air which is moist and unstable rising by convection.
  • She answered questions like why there are thunderclouds and how it rains.
  • Rain cascaded from menacing thunderclouds, but she ignored it, racing to the front porch of the store.
  • He it was, the Franklin's kite, led by the highest hand, that went up into the papal thundercloud hanging black over Europe; and the angry fire that broke upon it burned it not, and in roars of boltless thunder the apparition collapsed, and the sun of truth broke through the inky fragments on the nations once again. Dreamthorp A Book of Essays Written in the Country
  • The top of a cumulonimbus cloud is often capped by cirrus, which is why the anvil of a thundercloud is often brilliant white.
  • Because the temperature variations within a thundercloud include the range of laboratory reversal temperatures, this phenomenon does offer an explanation of cloud electrification.
  • This means local convergence areas with resultant major cloud developments, i.e. thunderclouds, is more than just a possibility.
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