How To Use Thrombose In A Sentence

  • Some 10% of patients on the drug had deep-vein thromboses, a dangerous blood clot, and 5.6% had pulmonary embolisms, a blood clot in the main artery affecting the lungs. Celgene's Thalomid Shows Positive ResultsThalomid Fuels Celgene's Rise
  • In ACS, the unstable plaque ruptures, thromboses, and occludes the artery, causing angina.
  • Anal tags are generally asymptomatic and often are the remnants of previously thrombosed external hemorrhoids.
  • Internal hemorrhoids, because they start above the dentate line, are not painful even if prolapsed or thrombosed.
  • This is where the red blood cells sort of form into clumps and these are the start of the Deep Vein Thromboses (DVT's).
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  • Thrombosed AVMs may not opacify during angiography and may only be recognized as areas of avascular mass effect or very subtle arteriovenous shunting.
  • the blood vessel thrombosed
  • I did see my primary doc during this time who said it didn’t look thrombosed, and that external hemorrhoids (which this is) do not thrombose (this threw me for a loop since I’d read all about externals thrombosing). Public announcement for hemorrhoid sufferers | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.
  • The macroscopically apparent thrombosed vessels in case 3 contained tumor emboli and multiple foci of infarction.
  • Venous thromboses, VTs for short, sometimes happen in adults who are confined to bed or a sitting position without being able to move about; they are a known danger on long airplane flights. SUPERBUG
  • The agency, however, said "presently there are insufficient data available to adequately evaluate rates of very late stent thromboses after one year post-implantation," which is a key safety concern for drug-coated stents. FDA Panel to Review Abbott Data
  • The incidence of thromboses was highest in the first two weeks after travel. Times, Sunday Times
  • When inflamed they become red and tender, and if they become thrombosed they can cause severe pain and be felt as a tender mass in the anal area.
  • At the time of the second infusion, two other ipsilateral antecubital veins had thrombosed.
  • Note the yellowish-white pus distributed along the pial vessels and the congested and/or thrombosed pial veins emanating from the superior sagittal sinus.
  • Cold exposure causes an increase in blood pressure and hemoconcentration resulting from fluid shifts, leading to coronary thromboses one to two days after cold exposure. Potential impacts of direct mechanisms of climate change on human health in the Arctic
  • The risk of thromboses increased with exposure to more flights within a short period of time, and with increasing duration of flights. Times, Sunday Times
  • Kiwi scientists warn of "eThrombosis" -- veinous thromboses brought on by sitting on your ass in front of a computer all the damned time. Boing Boing: January 26, 2003 - February 1, 2003 Archives
  • The big concern with these deep venous thromboses, which is essentially a clot in one of the veins in your leg, is that sometimes it can break off and actually travel through your blood vessels and end up in your lungs. CNN Transcript Mar 5, 2007
  • Furthermore, it may be a contributing factor in understanding the thrombosis process in the collagen-rich microcirculation and venous structures, and it may explain why some vessels thrombose and others do not.
  • These plaques are the basis of the coronary thromboses that block the arteries. Times, Sunday Times
  • The landmark method fails, irrespective of anatomy, if the vein has thrombosed.
  • Often, this goes along with a family history of deep vein thromboses and clots going to the lungs called pulmonary emboli. You Staying Young
  • I have a strong suspicion that one has thrombosed, as there's a particular intensity to the pain which I remember from the old days.
  • Either they burst (rupture), or they clot (thrombose). - latest science and technology news stories
  • We also want to see that under examination many of the things that we look at to determine if something is going to thrombose are decreased. - latest science and technology news stories

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