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  • You will recall the undignified use Sir Thomas More would have us put it to, and how there was no money at all in the Republic of Plato, and in that later community for which he wrote his Laws an iron coinage of austere appearance and doubtful efficacy .... A Modern Utopia
  • I will, however,just comment that a sort of "clericalist" mindset, which is always a danger within the Church and about which Chaucer, for example, is scathing, and also Thomas More some centuries later was particularly strong in the first half of the 20th century for various reasons. The word "Westminster"...
  • After this, Ackroyd notes, and applauds, ‘that vernacular straightforwardness… from Beowulf to the works of Sir Thomas More’.
  • It was Sir Thomas More who thrust the words Utopia and Utopian into the canon of modern language.
  • St. Thomas More could not say "yes" to the king's actions in Renaissance England; Archbishop Oscar Romero, the American churchwomen and Jesuit priests could not leave the poor with whom they worked in El Salvador in the 1980s; the Trappist monks in Algeria could not desert a poor and oppressed village that had come to depend upon them. Rev. James Martin, S.J.: The Best Movie On Faith I Have Ever Seen
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  • Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the author of Utopia.
  • It's all very splendid and traditional - judges in red robes, full-bottomed wigs etc - and the Cardinal preached very well, about St Thomas More, citing him as an inspiration for lawyers today faced with laws that do not dovetail with the ethical principles of the Gospels, and urging that his courage and prudence were good examples to follow. The Red Mass...
  • On the way to work this morning I noticed the statue of Sir Thomas More sitting in his nice waterfront gardens in Chelsea.
  • The cathedral of St Thomas More in Arlington, Virginia, was packed with mourners for her funeral.
  • Whether he is writing about the Renaissance necromancer John Dee or the religious visions of Thomas More, Ackroyd energetically reanimates his historical personages, and insists their spectres are still tangible here and now.
  • Through this program, Thomas More College will begin renewing the great tradition of sacred art and create a new generation of artists that can produce art that serves Christ. Thomas More College Launches Sacred Art Program
  • + "A dyaloge of Syr Thomas More Knyght ... of divers maters, as of the veneration and worshyp of ymages and relyques, praying to sayntys and goyng on pylgrymage ... The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon
  • In a previous post about St Thomas More I wrote at his trial he used a latin legal phrase, "Qui tacet consentiret", "Silence Implies Consent. A New Look At the Spanish Inquisition
  • In fairness to Edward IV, whom Sir Thomas More thought had left his realm ‘in quiet and prosperous estate’, we should say the work of refoundation had already been started.
  • Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the author of Utopia.
  • He begins with William Tyndale, whose English-language translation of the bible published in 1530 contained the first use of the term "scapegoat" and who then became a scapegoat himself when he was described by Thomas More as a "hell-hound" and blamed for the Peasants' War in Germany. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • Sir Thomas More was a man of stately and handsome presence ( Horace Walpole ).
  • Was it Thomas More who said that the wise man learns from the experience of others?
  • When English lawyer Sir Thomas More--a devout Roman Catholic--coined the word "utopia" to describe his imaginary island nation in the early 16th century, it was a play on the Greek eu-topos, meaning "good place" and ou-topos, meaning "no place". Domino's Founder Claims 'Misconceptions' Over Catholic TownDomino's Founder Claims 'Misconceptions' Over Catholic Town
  • Part of what prompts these numbers is that the ACLU is completely outmanning the Thomas More Law Center, which is defending the Dover policy. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? - The Panda's Thumb
  • In many Utopias, including that of Sir Thomas More and the Utopian communities of William Lane in Paraguay, divine peace and justice would only be achieved by a strong central authority with the power to oversee all aspects of society.
  • Was it Thomas More who said that the wise man learns from the experience of others?

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