How To Use Thomas hart benton In A Sentence

  • The influence of Pablo Picasso, Thomas Hart Benton and the Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros is still apparent, but giving way to Native American sandpainting and "all over" painting techniques that would eventually lead Pollock to abandon traditional notions of perspective and geometric shape for fractal-like patterns. A Pollock Saved From the Flood
  • Mr. Smith said interviews will also happen in the area, which features banquettes in bronze, aqua, celadon, pecan and sandalwood hues; paintings by Thomas Hart Benton and Rockwell Kent; Mr. Smith's own art books; energy-efficient TVs; bottles of water; a hibiscus bamboo floor lamp; a sound-absorbing cork floor; battery-operated votives no lit candles allowed! and, just to make even Nicole Kidman feel at home, a calming bowl of lemons. Oscar Greenroom: Aqua, Pecan, Lemons
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