[ US /ˈθɪn/ ]
[ UK /θˈɪn/ ]
  1. lacking spirit or sincere effort
    a thin smile
  2. relatively thin in consistency or low in density; not viscous
    thin oil
    skimmed milk is much thinner than whole milk
    air is thin at high altitudes
    a thin soup
  3. (of sound) lacking resonance or volume
    a thin feeble cry
  4. of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section
    a thin book
    a thin chiffon blouse
    a thin layer of paint
    thin wire
  5. not dense
    trees were sparse
    a thin beard
  6. lacking substance or significance
    a tenuous argument
    slight evidence
    a thin plot
    a fragile claim to fame
  7. lacking excess flesh
    you can't be too rich or too thin
    Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look
  8. very narrow
    a thin line across the page
  1. lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture
    cut bourbon
  2. take off weight
  3. make thin or thinner
    Thin the solution
  4. lose thickness; become thin or thinner
  1. without viscosity
    the blood was flowing thin
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How To Use thin In A Sentence

  • A thin veil of fog had rolled in off the bay, obscuring his view and coating the area in a pale gray-white mist.
  • Within five years, a unified currency in 1933 the "central" issue of "legal tender" currency has been relatively stable, so Donglai Bank has to resume business.
  • You think Spielberg would only have a rattletrap third-rate spaceship like the Millennium Falcon to ensure his survival? Does George Lucas think the world will end in 2012?
  • A heart will not be hurt for pursuing a dream, when you truly want something, all the universe conspires to help you complete the.
  • Elisabeth found herself with a straggle of colonists in a mosquito-ridden, uncleared jungle where sandflies bored into the skin of the feet and the clay soil was so intractable that nothing would grow.
  • Before Malfurion could ask who she meant, Tyrande brought the glaive up in a salute and murmured something in the hidden tongue of the Sisterhood. WORLD OF WARCRAFT STORMRAGE
  • As he ran past, the arquebusier shouted something about Susanoo, the kami of storms, and how he was punishing them for their arrogance. Blood Ninja II
  • I used to think the worst feeling was losing someone you love. But, I was wrong. The worst feeling is the moment you have lost yourself.
  • Before we did anything we wrote and rewrote the script until we felt what we had got written down was a really good story.
  • The hat, I think the style was called fedora, had a dark band and a dint in the top, which my father would sometimes correct with a chopping action of his right hand.
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