How To Use Thermoregulator In A Sentence

  • Fever • may be the result of - inflammation or - infection - endogenous pyrogen • Pyrogens released by white blood cells raise the set point of the thermoregulatory centre causing the whole body temperature to increase by 2-3 °C. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Torpor in the tody, and its association with season and sex, illustrates the unusual character of this tiny bird's thermoregulatory physiology.
  • Feathers (i.e., with well-defined rachis and barbs) are, therefore, most reasonably interpreted as having evolved primarily in association with flight, rather than for thermoregulatory purposes.
  • Accordingly, where the function of the sail is thermoregulatory, the spines in are not only thin, but can and do become thinner distally.
  • Most improvements in thermoregulatory ability might be expected to depend on mass-related changes in thermolysis and thermogenesis.

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