[ UK /θˈi‍əɹəm/ ]
[ US /ˈθɪɹəm/ ]
  1. an idea accepted as a demonstrable truth
  2. a proposition deducible from basic postulates
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How To Use theorem In A Sentence

  • However, Ulam did make a fundamental contribution in proposing the antipodal map theorem.
  • According to the theorem, any triangle inscribed in a semicircle is a right triangle, as is shown in the following diagram: The Medieval Problem of Universals
  • The story of Fermat's Last Theorem, the centuries spent trying to find a proof and Professor - now Sir - Andrew Wiles's final victory, is recounted in a book by Simon Singh , a physicist and author also famous for his battle to change the libel laws after he was sued for calling pseudoscientific medical treatments "bogus" . - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • It then follows from the Menelaus theorem, that every three such points are collinear provided all or two of the bisectors are external.
  • Theorem In any triangle, the midpoints of the sides, the feet of the altitudes, and the midpoints of the segments from the orthocenter to the vertices lie on a circle. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Saccheri then studied the hypothesis of the acute angle and derived many theorems of non-Euclidean geometry without realising what he was doing.
  • In 1826 he generalised his theorem to a hyperboloid of revolution, rather than a cone.
  • Re: official quant thread for CAT 2009Re: official quant thread for CAT 2009hey puys can u give me the rough idea of a multinomial theoremRe: official quant thread for CAT 2009Re: official quant thread for CAT 2009 Undefined
  • He left topologists a treasure-trove of theorems and techniques and left the University of Texas Mathematics Department with a goal and thirteen years of good progress toward it.
  • A theorem is proved that delineates criteria for the radii of the annulus of the zeros in the complex plane of the generating function for factorial moments as it applies to high-energy charged-hadron multiproduction.
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