How To Use Tetchy In A Sentence

  • Tetchy, funny, ugly and clever, this replays the dynamic of a first-class film noir.
  • Such things make the Davidites curse, along with his occasionally tetchy manner on television or a tendency to talk at, rather than to, some of his parliamentary colleagues. David Miliband has left frontline politics – but for how long?
  • What was once funny now looks merely tetchy. Times, Sunday Times
  • So it's not surprising she's a little tetchy. Times, Sunday Times
  • Once or twice in the second half matters got a bit tetchy and referee Fintan Barrett - who has had better games all round - had no real options but to dismiss a player from each side in separate incidents.
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  • When we first speak on the phone Judy seems tired and tetchy.
  • He started spending more and more time at home and ironically this seemed to trouble my mother because she became so irritable and tetchy, and so I made it a point to stay away from home.
  • But still the Arno is a mountain stream, and liable to be tetchy and turbulent like all its kindred, and no doubt it often finds its borders of hewn stone not too far apart for its convenience. Passages from the French and Italian Notebooks, Complete
  • I guess "tetchy" came in when they completely revised it. TITCHY.
  • I'm feeling just a wee bit dehydrated and ever-so-slightly tetchy.
  • My wife says I have been known to spend hours completely incommunicado; and I admit I do get tetchy if I'm disturbed.
  • He is growing a little tetchy, and the hard work has scarcely begun. Times, Sunday Times
  • He has to balance his new life with the demands of a tetchy father and family life (Rachel Griffiths plays his wife).
  • Normally chirpy and gregarious, the 49-year-old has become increasingly tetchy in the build-up to the tournament.
  • His relationship with the national team, though, has turned tetchy since he was discarded from their recent European tour with a colleague for apparently breaking a squad curfew on having guests in the hotel.
  • He was in a particularly tetchy mood yesterday.
  • The first 10 minutes would always be a little tetchy. Times, Sunday Times
  • He always seems angry with the world, and often comes over as tetchy in interviews.
  • While I'm tetchy about misusing the term computational biologist, as "strictly speaking" it has other meanings, non science readers might relate to it better as the words are already familiar to them. Discover Blogs
  • She can be a bit tetchy but her bark is worse than her bite.
  • It's down to midback again, and I'm very tetchy about it; at this length it's so heavy that it pulls most of the curl out of itself. Tew's Day!
  • He sits up in Connecticut, splendidly isolated, working day and night, a lonely and rather tetchy old man. Philip Roth: Still fascinated by himself | Observer profile
  • I just have to hope that this kind of tetchy judicial questioning is the way they push the lawyers to make their best case. The Gay Marriage Circus in Civic Center Plaza
  • He could get tetchy if you said he did it by shrinking the pizzas. Times, Sunday Times
  • You have the diplomatic skills to ensure tetchy relatives get along. The Sun
  • That is like a millstone around his neck and one that made him a tad tetchy when the subject was inevitably raised again yesterday.
  • The dying hours of any election campaign are always marked by an exhausted tetchy edge among candidates and parties as they strive to go that extra mile while awaiting the judgement of others.
  • I get tetchy, wanting to go out and get things done. Tew's Day!
  • After a difficult two months, blighted by injuries to her back and thigh, the tall Californian has looked tetchy and out of sorts this week.
  • Might get a bit tetchy. Times, Sunday Times
  • In the north, the Gauls are threatening, the Greeks are grumbling to the east, and Rome's biggest threat, the Carthaginians, are growing tetchy to the south.
  • It was that kind of match, always tetchy, often bad-tempered.
  • You always get tetchy when you're hungry.
  • When he gets a good result, he sometimes wants to react and say, ‘there you are’ to his detractors, but equally a bad result can make him tetchy.
  • Now that the competition is a straight knockout, supporters yesterday grew increasingly tetchy over Dundee's failure to score and Sartid's gamesmanship.
  • Other Amazing Race contestants are tetchy that the couple are there, as the pair find it easier to get favours from strangers because they get recognised.
  • MPA member Jenny Jones accused Mr Yates of being "tetchy" with the MPA when the issue was last discussed. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph
  • However, maybe because he's jetlagged, Hornby is a tad tetchy today.
  • He looks uncomfortable and a bit tetchy. Times, Sunday Times
  • One woman said: 'I wondered why people in the front row were getting tetchy. The Sun
  • The foreground music (it was too loud to be described as ‘background music’) irritated us just that little bit to the point it makes a calm chap feel tetchy.
  • The narrative now is that he is getting "tetchy" about the stupid questions the media keep asking. April 27th, 2008
  • And beneath the tetchy exchanges, there is touching, longstanding affection. Times, Sunday Times
  • Firm with the media in the past, he is now tetchy.
  • At times the game got a little tetchy but the official simply spoke in a stern fashion to the players rather than displaying cards left right and centre.
  • You can see why people might get a little tetchy about their personal privacy with one company carving so many avenues into their lives, even if I do think those worries are ultimately unfounded.
  • After three days and nights barricaded into his office, Kristall's managing director was exhausted and just a little tetchy.
  • In an increasingly tetchy conference call with reporters, Steiner denied that he was sounding "chippy" about the negative coverage from the press and the City in the run-up to the float. Ocado shares slump on stock market debut
  • He bats the text to the boundaries of his voice — high and tetchy, deeply lubricious, quietly melancholy. Times, Sunday Times
  • The humans were growing as tetchy as the animals, and the animals were growing tetchier and noisier with every minute. TEN STEPS TO HAPPINESS
  • He was also an endearingly tetchy coot whose prejudices, passions, and irascibility remained uncompromised over time.

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