1. organize as a territory
  2. extend by adding territory
  3. place on a territorial basis
    The railways were territorialized
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How To Use territorialize In A Sentence

  • To territorialize the whole South, and place a satrap over every parish and county of it -- saying no word for freedom -- would be a gentle and conciliating procedure compared with the most innocent utterance of a mere sentiment in behalf of emancipation and the elevation of the negro to the status of a man. The Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 3, March, 1864 Devoted to Literature and National Policy
  • Another such move is to ex-territorialize the cumbersome native: he must be an émigré, an exile; as a matter of fact, I never moved to England, which I have the effrontery to merely visit. A Cup of Coffee
  • Habsburg military system, combined with a process of territorialized relationships between the The Uskok �Problem� and Habsburg, Venetian, and Ottoman Relations at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century
  • ______________________________which it is stratified, territorialized, organized, signified, attributed, etc., as well as lines of deterritorialization down which it constantly flees. Inmanencia
  • territorialized,” that is, traced onto the earth, which is credited as the source of all production. Gilles Deleuze
  • Verstrynge has lauded Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda for creating a new type of warfare that is "de-territorialized, de-stateized and de-nationalized," a war where suicide bombers act as "atomic bombs for the poor. Counterterrorism Blog
  • Here, the authors see a revolutionary potential in modern art and science, where, in bringing about the “new,” they circulate de-coded and de-territorialized flows within society without automatically re-coding them into money (Deleuze 1983a, 379). Postmodernism
  • a room de-territorialized by the Canadian government so she could be born a Dutch citizen. London Free Press
  • Like the chartered companies of earlier periods, the roving bandits, mercenaries and guerrilas controlling resource zones seek, protect and expand their commerce in a manner in that demonstrates that violence is has not been de-democratized, de-marketized and de-territorialized, contrary to international law's premise that States have a monopoly of violence. Gathii on Public/Private Resource Wars
  • If men in these communities have used clan names to anchor fixed notions of self in a politically territorialized landscape, women's names and naming stories map female identities as innately ambiguous, stubbornly diverse, and infinitely adaptable. Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique
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