How To Use Terra incognita In A Sentence

  • The treaty evolved to preserve the fragile balance of ownership and nonownership and to protectTerra Incognita from the depredations of exploitation and warfare. Terra Incognita
  • My entire island of Terra incognita is an online 3D environment based on Reg Revans style Action Learning. Archive 2007-06-10
  • My search for tramps has taken a side trip into terra incognita.
  • Ancient geographers like Ptolemy presumed that such a place existed, postulating a ‘terra incognita’ that served as an antipodal ballast to their northern land mass.
  • a zone of shadow, a terra incognita, which is clearly visible in its minutest details to all those who inhabit it with him, but is darkest night and nothingness to those who may not penetrate it but touch its fringe without the least suspicion of its existence in their midst. Within a Budding Grove
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  • The gaudy maps they passed around at the Spanish court—vast waters with pictures of sea serpents smiling ominously in the waves, weird configurations of terra incognita promising cities strewn with gems, countries populated by Amazons or anthropophagi or talking animals—translated into nothing more than pretty beaches and bad-tempered inhabitants with very sharp arrows. Dream State
  • The landscape of the human gut is truly terra incognita, " says Jeffrey Gordon, a genome scientist at Washington University in St. Louis whose research team is spearheading this effort.
  • But in the bridgehead of terra incognita with Rachel he had to choose his phrases before letting them go in a supposedly free flow of talk. THE OPEN DOOR
  • In these moments, Mr. Himmelman's enchantment with the entomological soundscape is so complete that he can turn the most unpromising site—his Connecticut backyard, for example—into an insect lover's terra incognita, shimmering with possibility. The Orchestra After Dark
  • Early map-makers were happy to leave blanks for terra incognita or to stock those empty spaces with headless cannibals, giant monopeds, Amazons and dragons.
  • Early map-makers were happy to leave blanks for terra incognita or to stock those empty spaces with headless cannibals, giant monopeds, Amazons and dragons.
  • Instead, I was partaking in a 10-day trek through the wilds of malaria country with Terra Incognita's ecotour in the northern Malaysian state of Sabah. Harmon Leon: Wild Man of Borneo
  • You derive your respectable parentage, if I am not greatly mistaken, from a land which has afforded much pleasure, as well as profit, to those who have traded to it successfully, — I mean that part of the terra incognita which is called the province of Utopia. The Monastery
  • In terra incognita, I might be somebody altogether different. Apology of a Madman
  • Stepping into terra incognita by deed seems to trigger openings into the terra incognita of metanormal experience.
  • The spectral shimmer of Terra Incognita is eerier still, especially when Cox beckons "Will you join me?" in a voice as seductive as it is chilling. Atlas Sound: Parallax – review
  • Within these limits, however, empty spaces were not terra incognita, which is what some scholars have assumed the blanks on colonial maps represented; they were not perilous "margins and thresholds," "reminders of the failure of knowledge and hence the tenuousness of possession. Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique
  • Giles was the last European to explore vast regions of unmapped desert in Central Australia, what the nineteenth century referred to as terra incognita.

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