How To Use Tenderfoot In A Sentence

  • The fact is," confidentially, "I may not look it but I am a good deal of a tenderfoot. The Dude Wrangler
  • I guess he is a business tenderfoot.
  • Nothing troubled the woodsman more than being labeled a tenderfoot.
  • The prairie ain't for no tenderfoot, that's for sure.
  • The highest commendatory degree which can be passed upon a man in that country, and the one which distinguishes him from the tenderfoot, is that of being a "sour-dough boy. HOUSEKEEPING IN THE KLONDIKE
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  • It was a difficult environment for a tenderfoot.
  • He loses his tenderfoot status and eventually even becomes a rodeo celebrity.
  • I'll take care of the tenderfoot.
  • She wasn't a tenderfoot, and she wasn't going to stop just because she didn't have boots.
  • Nobody will go lightly on him just because he's still something of a tenderfoot.
  • I had now little fear of being called a tenderfoot and when I viewed my reflection in the spring I felt quite proud of my appearance. The Black Wolf Pack
  • In a most unlikely departure from the ordinary, even the tough butch on a bike will be a tenderfoot when it comes to goodbyes.
  • This was the second time today he'd been called a tenderfoot, and he didn't like it. Moon Shadow
  • Such legends abounded in the goldfields, and they were all so false as to be a joke to fool a tenderfoot. PAINT THE WIND
  • As you will see it, let 's say – if that does n't sound too conceited from a tenderfoot," supplemented the nephew, and laid his hand upon her shoulder with a gentle little pat. The Ranch at the Wolverine
  • The first day a tenderfoot is our guest," replied Mollie Long, laughing. How Ethel Hollister Became a Campfire Girl
  • The redeeming point of the tenderfoot is his humbleness of spirit and his extreme good nature. The Mountains
  • It rankled to be called tenderfoot by a slender chit of a woman. Smoke Bellew
  • For a tenderfoot, the job of a rustler was a tough one to undertake.
  • At thirty-two, I imagined I was the oldest tenderfoot in the history of rock and roll.
  • Many a hungry "tenderfoot" has had cause to bless the fortune which led him to her door. The Authentic Life of Billy The Kid
  • The tanks chase the terrified tenderfoot across a desolate battlefield.
  • Mr. Ashe had been anxiously consulted, for the Eastern boy had no desire to be dubbed a tenderfoot; and now, except for its spotless newness, his costume was quite "Western and ranchified" -- according to Blue Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party
  • The old factory hand treat the tenderfoot like their slave.
  • Start your visit with a morning cruise up the graded gravel of Spiral Drive, which coils around Tenderfoot Mountain all the way to its 7,560-foot summit.
  • I guess he is a business tenderfoot.
  • Such legends abounded in the goldfields, and they were all so false as to be a joke to fool a tenderfoot. PAINT THE WIND
  • He claimed he was a tenderfoot in this operation and was only doing his friend a favour.
  • We did not have much currency, or, as they called it there, cheechako money -- cheechako being the Indian word for "tenderfoot. The New Yukon
  • The works are carefully chosen to suit both connoisseurs and tenderfoots.
  • Wuz that tenderfoot musicianer, Perfesser Vere de Blaw! A Little Book of Western Verse

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