How To Use Temptingly In A Sentence

  • Sending e-mail with a carbon copy to the whole project team is temptingly easy, but beware of its overuse.
  • Meanwhile, improved enforcement has abraded the quality of pills and coke to such an extent that they no longer glitter quite so temptingly. How the British fell out of love with drugs
  • A temptingly sweet of ice cream praline cake at Coffee X-press Sheraton Xian Hotel, offers an endless array of sweet treats, never feel guilty to indulge you to these savor dessert.
  • Visitors seized the forks and spades that had been temptingly placed by a nasty patch of brambles and nettles and began to clear a new bed that will be used for pumpkins, sweet corn and tomatoes in a few weeks.
  • All would have been well but for the seductions of a certain ice-cream parlor where candy, apples and cigars were temptingly displayed in a window, draped genteely with a fly-specked lace lambrequin. Chicken Little Jane
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  • There were dishes of varying vegetables all steaming temptingly, and tureens of leek and potato soup.
  • Last Sunday was the festival of All Saints; on the evening of which day, we walked out under the portales, with M. and Madame de —, — minister and his wife, to look at the illumination, and at the numerous booths filled with sugar skulls, etc.; temptingly ranged in grinning rows, to the great edification of the children. Life in Mexico, During a Residence of Two Years in That Country
  • She selected from the brown jar on the table three of the brownest, crumbliest, most perfect cookies, with a walnut meat perched atop of each, placed them temptingly on the saucer and, descending the steps, came swiftly across the grass to the triumphant Cheerful—By Request
  • “A sort of homicidal lunatic’s brothel in a crypt” was how Maurice Richardson characterized the temptingly ill-concealed psychopathology of the vampire legend, adding that Dracula in particular was “a kind of incestuous, necrophilous, oral, anal-sadistic all-in wrestling match”. What Would Buffy Think? « So Many Books
  • In the chill dawn I awoke to a ravening hunger that was insistent to be noted, and though my eyes would scarce believe there was Donald Roy cocked tailor fashion on the heath arranging most temptingly on a rock scone sandwiches of braxy mutton and a flask of usquebaugh (Highland whiskey). A Daughter of Raasay A Tale of the '45
  • Rubbing the bottle's nipple temptingly against his mouth didn't help.
  • The scent of white flowers and fresh and fresh citrus fruits – lemons, lines and grapefruit – all temptingly mingled with the savory complexity of toasted nuts and oatmeal.
  • Large trout are temptingly visible in the clear still waters of mountain lakes.
  • The smart money begins to bid for out - of - favor stocks, which at temptingly low bargain prices.

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