How To Use Tempering In A Sentence

  • Young keeps a level tone throughout, tempering the tale of depredation with a dry wit.
  • This configuration draws air into the occupied space across tempering fin-tube convectors, creating a comfortable temperature-controlled natural ventilation.
  • Alloying elements may have different effects on steel after tempering at the steel proneness to temper embrittlement.
  • The genes that the Williams Syndrome people are missing are certainly involved in tempering friendliness. Survival of the Kindest
  • It is possible to quench similar steels from 1050°C to form a low carbon martensite or with lower carbon content, acicular ferrite followed by tempering to give higher properties.
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  • Add the rest of the tempering ingredients and saute until the garlic is aromatic and starting to brown. Archive 2007-06-01
  • Geithner and others have urged a more central role for the IMF in tempering that dispute, and officials said a more precise set of global norms may need to be developed. Industrialized nations pursue currency compromise
  • Avoid retempering concrete to increase slump prior to placement.
  • He's only tempering his reaction just because it's politically incorrect for him to outrightly admit that Joe Wilson is racist. Georgia congressman: Wilson's outburst 'carefully calculated'
  • Certain strong carbide formers, notably niobium, titanium and vanadium, have effects on tempering out of proportion to their concentration.
  • For my primi, being perfectly willing to see a theme all the way through to the end, I had Ravioli al Tuorlo d’uovo, di seirass della Valle Pellice e Murazzano D.O.P.: saffron colored pasta envelopes that we call tortellini in New York, filled with a mixture of ricotta and Valle Pellice, the milky ricotta tempering the more strong, salty aged cheese. Italy
  • He tried to rein in speculation, tempering his panic with what he hoped was common sense. THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: THE SANGREAL TRILOGY ONE
  • Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: urger: Sir Ebenezer Howard may have thought has was creating a panacea for urban ills by tempering them with bits of pastoralism when he basically invented the idea in 1898 but a century of practice has shown us all he was really doing was moving urban ills into areas with less walkability and consequently with less social and economic coherence. Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz
  • After quenching and tempering, material H13 steel core bar was broken during alignment There are naphthalene fractures on macroscopical fractures surface.
  • Certain strong carbide formers, notably niobium, titanium and vanadium, have effects on tempering out of proportion to their concentration.
  • Few days later Laura Hall and her boyfriend were taken into custody by the authorities with charges such as hindering apprehension and tempering with the body levied against her. Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • While some may see this as an instance of human narcissism defeating scientific understanding, we would do better to see it as a reason for tempering the narcissism of science.
  • He claims to have adopted a new mode of tempering the steel, producing an edge of greater durability than any previously made.
  • Under the experiment's welding condition, WCX355 ultrafine grained steels didn't distinctly embrittle in CGHAZ and didn't soften in tempering zone either.
  • These shades of expression pervade their language, tempering all their communications, and frequently imparting its pathos or energy to their eloquence. The Last of the Mohicans
  • This process includes tempering, which consists of repeatedly heating the chocolate to a specific temperature and then cooling it down.
  • Equally important, it protects freedom from itself, tempering excesses of individual license by postulating a higher moral code.
  • The tempering is an essential component of the dhokla. Archive 2007-03-01
  • The effects of tempering on the hardness of alloyed and unalloyed malleable irons illustrate the beneficial effects of alloying on as-quenched hardness and stability at elevated temperatures.
  • Its excellent toughness is due to a fine-grained structure of tough nickel-ferrite devoid of embrittling carbide networks, which are taken into solution during tempering at 570°C to form stable austenite islands.
  • Zegarnald's " tempering " had been a cruel and rocky road for R'shiel and she was a long way from the end. TREASON KEEP
  • It decreases hardenability but sustains hardness during tempering.
  • Despite spots of tempering demand, global growth is accelerating and the US economy remains desperately overheated.
  • Gothic romance: "Now the co-presence of something regular, something to which the mind has been accustomed in various moods and in a less excited state, cannot but have great efficacy in tempering and restraining the passion by an intertexture of ordinary feeling, and of feeling not strictly and necessarily connected with the passion" (609). Gothic Visions, Romantic Acoustics
  • It infuses his writing, tempering his cleverness with a good measure of sarcastic honesty.
  • This is called tempering the eggs and it prevents them from curdling when added to the pudding. NY Daily News
  • The virtue of justice comes wrapped in other tempering traits: gratitude, liberality, affability, and mercy.
  • When cooled rapidly, however, as in the tempering of steel, martensite remains a homogeneous solid solution, or hard steel. Popular Science Monthly Oct, Nov, Dec, 1915 — Volume 86
  • Gray iron is usually quenched in salt, oil, or lead baths at 230 to 425°C for austempering.
  • Equal tempering is a system for breaking up each octave into twelve equal semi-tones.
  • For example, pugged clay may be suitable for shaping without tempering, and further processing stages may be added, such as the option of using a washmill as part of the clay preparation process. Chapter 12
  • They knew, the cooks of those days, that venison was a rich and gamey meat which needed tempering.
  • In her step-by-step recipe, one can see how minced bitter gourd is fried until golden, then seasoned with tempering, a spicy coconut paste and yogurt to make a cool Pavakka Pachadi with complementary bitter, tangy and spicy flavors. Archive 2007-05-01
  • However, when you get rid of Christianity, you don't get rid of the conviction of sin and judgment, you merely get rid of any hope of forgiving the sin or tempering the judgment.
  • Heavens and breathed empyreal air, her tempering; in like manner he requests her to lead him down to his native element lest he should meet with a fate similar to what befell Bellerophon. The Astronomy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost'
  • I do not know that I like to think of those Roman mines myself, where it is said the sea now surges back and forth: they must have been worked by British slaves, who may be fancied climbing purblindly out when the legions left Britain, and not joining very loudly in the general lamentation at their withdrawal, but probably tempering the popular grief with the reflection that the heathen Saxons could not be much worse. Seven English Cities
  • The phenomena which are produced in both methods of tempering may be interpreted in different ways, but it seems likely that there is a molecular approximation, an amorphism from which results the homogeneity that is due to the absence of crystallization. Scientific American Supplement, No. 360, November 25, 1882
  • Materials: Examples of scrap steel suitable for hammer-making; e.g., car, truck and rail axles, rail car springs, etc. (see Steps 1 and 2); one section of truck or car axle (half-section between gearbox and wheel) per station; a prototype hammer blank finished to the point of dressing and tempering. Chapter 11
  • In order to verify that coupling model, the flow velocity fields inside a tempering furnace were measured by a hot bulb anemoscope and calculated with the model.
  • Once the tempering is sizzling, add the yogurt mixture and bring to boil. Archive 2005-03-01

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