How To Use Tektite In A Sentence

  • Case said the rocks are in glass cases, and are pock-marked black tektite; one is tear-dropped shaped and about 3.5 inches long by 1.25 inches wide, and a half an inch thick. Searching for Moon Rocks Here on Earth | Universe Today
  • Anonymous talks about things like Link killing a tektite and how nothing philosophically significant should be extracted from such things. Response to Gamers and Others Concerning the Zelda Book
  • As we gained experience and felt ready for longer tests, rocks from farther off would replace it, till the broom circled Earth carrying a tektite -- terrestrial, but fused and scattered by meteorite impact. Operation Luna
  • These bits of glass, called tektites, appear to be scattered across the entire region that the researchers examined, suggesting that much of the Pampean Plain is a vast tektite field.
  • Although type 1 Mg-smectite may be derived from tektitcs, or volcanic glass, there is strong evidence that the smectite spherules are of tektite origin.
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  • Scientists estimate that the debris from the blast rose more than 30 miles into the air, spreading melted bits of sand and sediment including Georgia's tektites and the newly discovered layer of shocked quartz for thousands of miles.
  • Samples of sediment taken from the seafloor southeast of the crater, but not those obtained elsewhere around the crater, contain small mineral globules called tektites, one hallmark of an extraterrestrial impact.
  • The flanged Australites are the most fascinating of the tektites and their surface features are the best understood.
  • This Australite tektite is an example of rare tektites which have flanges around their margins.
  • The whole tektite subject has been problematic for generations, and the Australites nicely capture and expand this theme.
  • Charles Darwin made the first scientific study of tektites (Australites) during his famous five year voyage on HMS Beagle.
  • The game has to be challenging, therefore a tektite is put in Link's path and he must kill it. Response to Gamers and Others Concerning the Zelda Book
  • Link killing the tektite is not some kind of commentary on how humans treat animals, it's not a detail created to establish Link's character, to convey him as courageous or to study the emotion he goes through when he does it. Response to Gamers and Others Concerning the Zelda Book
  • TO A YOUNG MAN ASPIRING FOR WIZARDRY tektite serpent's jawbone lizard's tail monkey's paw curse of an aging snake, frog's croak distilled in dew sign omens gypsy spells- Archive 2006-09-01
  • And downstream of those areas there are tektites being found, but only one or two per county.

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