How To Use Tee shirt In A Sentence

  • A wrinkled tee shirt with shredded slits of material barely concealed her.
  • Arthur was wearing corduroys and a long-sleeved tee shirt; he pulled on a warm wool sweater Marilyn had given him for his birthday a few weeks ago, and then his parka.
  • He came back out with a white undershirt, black khakis, and a black tee shirt with a red dragon on it.
  • She was wearing her nightclothes - a gray tee shirt and a pair of maroon pajama pants.
  • I sat on my bed, oohing and aahing over every tiny piece of adorable newborn clothing - the little kimonos, the wee little hats, the tiny little tee shirts - until I pulled out a ratty Ace bandage.
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  • Enid stays defiant in fat-heeled boots, tight minis, a raptor tee shirt and purple lipstick.
  • She mentally slapped herself for thinking a tee shirt and overshirt would be warm coverings for a December day, even though she lived in a southern state.
  • His too-big jeans were ripped in the knees, and his tee shirt was worn into a thin fabric.
  • We both slip into sweatpants and tee shirts, and put our sopping hair up as it drips down the back of our necks.
  • Of course, the problem being that people like that lady in the Confederate tee shirt tend to be ignorant yahoos who wouldn’t know a Jacobite from a Jacobin. joe from Lowell says: Matthew Yglesias » Pro-Slavery
  • If drunken herds of fly-by-night goobers in cowboy hats and Free Republic tee shirts want to stumble up and down Broadway or the Lower East Side at two a.m., so be it.
  • I'm such the antithesis of what Nike wants their consumers to be that they'll pay me a seven figure sum not to wear their shoes, track pants, jumpers, earrings, sweatbands or tee shirts.
  • Lots of the newcomers in the café would look with distaste at the round man in his greasy blue coveralls and black hands, and the laughter of the children in their tee shirts and faded, frayed cut-offs was a bothersome noise to them.
  • Rick rack trim from my sewing stash was glued down and held with a clothespin til it dried, and the oval was outlined with tee shirt paint, which is sometimes only about 50c and lasts for a long, long time. Archive 2009-05-01
  • Can anything be dowdier than the layered tee shirts combined of muddy green, muddy gray, and dirt colored over blouse? Blue Dress Painting
  • Christalive -- Joe says, hissingly -- Why is she trying to smuggle a couple of East German skinheads... under her tee shirt? THE CHEEK PERFORATION DANCE
  • I glided over to my pajama drawer and selected a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt to wear to bed.
  • The sleeves on her violet tee shirt were scrunched up past her elbows as she cooked and her hair was tied back in a ponytail.
  • He was a pleasant chap with blond curls and a Mickey Mouse tee shirt on.
  • The dangling detached polo shirt collars and tiny tee shirts may take some getting used to.
  • Yeah, he was pretty hot, but I doubted he owned a tee shirt that didn't have Abercrombie or American Eagle blazoned across it.
  • Despite her shorts and tee shirt she seemed dauntingly Edwardian and thick-skirtish.
  • Within a moment, Chris opened the door, wearing a pair of faded jean cut-offs and a green tee shirt.
  • He was a pleasant chap with blond curls and a Mickey Mouse tee shirt on.
  • Jude entered with his soft brown hair amiss and wearing his nightclothes - a white tee shirt and a pair of blue plaid pants.
  • Dressed in my daggy jeans and Panjabi MC tour tee shirt, I waited for the set to finish, and chatted with a random American chap out the front.
  • I could tell by looking at him that he also had muscles under his tee shirt and khakis.
  • He was a pleasant chap with blond curls and a Mickey Mouse tee shirt on.
  • White underwear: such as tee shirts, sox, and other underclothing, that is of sturdy cotton, can be washed in hot water, on the normal cycle, and dried in the dryer on a hot setting. Laundry With Love
  • It wasn't a matter of being similar; someone had simply, through a photomechanical process, reproduced the exact work on the tee shirt.
  • I was bundled up in only one coat and a long-sleeved tee shirt, with some thermals and pants over them, along with hiking boots.
  • For the total "look", add a pair of flowered stretch capris, a belly bag and a slightly tight tee shirt. kathleengam How to "pass" for a Mexican
  • Any guy can wear a pair of cargo pants and a faded tee shirt.
  • `A pink tee shirt with ruffles on the neck and daisies embroidered on the sleeves. ANASTASIA KRUPNIK (3-IN-1)
  • She looked down at her clothing and plucked at the wrinkles in her tee shirt.
  • The group of people there will almost certainly contain a number of men my age who are unshaven, whiffy, and wearing the same dirty tee shirt they slept in.
  • She quickly changed her tee shirt for a bulky sweatshirt.
  • There's a website getyourkidtovote. com that encourages parents to send kakistocracy tee shirts to their college age kids to remind them and their classmates of the stakes in this election and to encourage them to vote. Rick Finkelstein: Kakistocracy... A Word You Should Know
  • She dresses normally, wearing dark jeans, and a pale pink tee shirt, but she doesn't have a trace of make up on her face.
  • Inside, dozens of stalls sold goods ranging from Palestinian olive oil to sloganeering tee shirts advertising everything from cannabis and Che Guevera to ‘No Sweat’ fair trade plimsolls.
  • She could imagine Liz with her flyaway hair and oversized tee shirt on her hands and knees scrubbing at the dirty carpet.
  • And as for uncaring Mexican owners. .well you should see Spunky's other brother wearing his tee shirt all winter, or the other "overdressed" ones in this part of town. Cats
  • Tee shirt artwork designer required for Male and female garments.
  • He wears tee shirts and a designer stubble and is always two steps ahead of himself.
  • They all had hooded sweatshirts, plaid shirts or long-sleeved tee shirts with jeans.
  • Like the treatment befalling anyone who showed up at a Bush event wearing the wrong tee shirt or having the wrong bumpersticker on their car? Levin swears repeatedly at Goldman hearing
  • Call them T-shirts, tee shirts or tees, they're still hot sellers on the trendy fashion scene.
  • He was dressed casually, wearing khaki cargo pants, a dark blue tee shirt with a single breast pocket, and brown hiking boots.
  • He wore jeans and a tee shirt and carried a leather jacket over his arm. SNOWLINE
  • The only difference was his attire - a blue and black plaid button-up overshirt, white tee shirt underneath, black jeans and tennis shoes.
  • His too-big jeans were ripped in the knees, and his tee shirt was worn into a thin fabric.
  • Magic I thought as I realized I was wearing denims and a tee shirt.
  • She had arrived in typically decadent Western clothing, tight black denims and an equally tight black tee shirt with a central emblem of parted red lips.
  • I ran for my life in platforms in Phoenix after the Yankees lost while shedding my Yankees tee shirt for safety, as did every other Yankee fan at the game. Norma Kamali: Jeter, Posada, Mariano and Pettitte Are My Yankees
  • She had smeared cold cream an inch thick on her face, and was wearing a Mickey Mouse tee shirt. SUMMER OF SECRETS
  • She was wearing badly worn jeans with holes in both knees, a white tee shirt that was much too big to be her own and a faded denim jacket with several small holes in it.
  • After he took his shower, Romeo picked out a clean pair of jeans and his favorite tee shirt.

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