How To Use Tecumseh In A Sentence

  • Named Tecumseh after the Shawnee leader, he was rechristened William in a Catholic ceremony at age 9, after he was informally adopted by a prominent Ohio politician when his father died.
  • Yet even the greatest animosities of our current era seldom reach the depth of the hatred that existed between General William Tecumseh Sherman and the newspapermen who followed his army.
  • In the far northwest, comprising western Ohio and the Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan Territories, the Americans battled an Anglo-Indian alliance, with Tecumseh serving as the nominal leader for the northwestern Indians. Between War and Peace
  • Ohio-born William Tecumseh Sherman was named after Tecumseh, the Shawnee chief who had tried to unite Ohio River Valley Native American tribes in the early 19th century.
  • a war named after him and so succeeded in having his name embalmed in history; Pontiac, whose great conspiracy Parkman has made immortal, and Tecumseh. Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 2 of 8 A series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in History
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  • In this gilded-bronze equestrian monument, one of Manhattan's finest public sculptures, General William Tecumseh Sherman is led on his horse by a winged classicized Art Knowledge News
  • The conspiracy of Pontiac and the arrayment of savage forces by Tecumseh are insignificant by comparison. Three Noted Chiefs of the Sioux
  • Whenever I go to London I pass by the site of the Battle of the Thames, where Tecumseh died and we administered a drubbing to you chaps.
  • Born to a Creek mother and Shawnee father at Old Piqua, a Shawnee village on the Mad River in Ohio, Tecumseh was raised by an older sister and grew to manhood during the border warfare of the Revolutionary Era.
  • He is not only faithful to the truth in large things, he is accurate in small matters also; and where he makes use of any statement he always shows that there is justification for it; although, by the way, I can only guess at his reason for calling Attila a "Turanian" —a word which carries a pleasant flavor of pre-Victorian ethnology, and might just about as appropriately be applied to Tecumseh. VI. Productive Scholarship
  • Chief Tecumseh's dream was to unite all North American tribes into one Indian nation.
  • Additionally, since 1808 they had been fighting a guerrilla war with Indian tribes loosely confederated by the great Shawnee chief Tecumseh.

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