How To Use Teatime In A Sentence

  • Until teatime, yesterday was a day without parallel for Europe's golfers in the first major championship of the year.
  • Teatime really doesn't know the difference between offering you a cup of tea and stabbing you in the eye with the teaspoon, but he really only kills people (however messily) in the natural course of his duties. MIND MELD: Bad Guys We Love to Hate: The Best Literary Villains in SF/F/H
  • An appetite for the educated whimsy of a panel game at teatime can easily be sated by 11pm and it is certainly not likely to have returned by breakfast. Radio 4: The BBC won't hurt your beloved station | Vanessa Thorpe
  • Salvation comes at teatime: then parents will be blaming each other for their exhaustion. Times, Sunday Times
  • We went out with a packed lunch and came back at teatime. Times, Sunday Times
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  • The wizards at Ankh-Morpork's Unseen University are renowned for many things -- wisdom, magic, and their love of teatime -- but athletics is most assuredly not on the list. Free eBook: Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett
  • It is irresistible both as a teatime treat or as a fabulous end to a meal. Times, Sunday Times
  • The teatime quiz will see three generations of families competing. The Sun
  • And the partners hope the famous teatime treat will back on store shelves next month.
  • Teatime involved cooking to cater for four different faddy appetites.
  • So, if you are feeling generous, why not split it as a teatime treat with a pal? The Sun
  • This looks like yet another weepy teatime film. Times, Sunday Times
  • It sounded to me very much like a relative of the traditional boil-and-bake fruitcake, an old teatime favourite that is deliciously quick and easy to make.
  • A calming bedtime routine is essential after a teatime meal, which doesn't leave them too full up to sleep. The Sun
  • Around 50 people were transported in the first few hours by the team, who were replaced at teatime by a second shift who remained at the village until midnight.
  • In contrast to this regularity is Chinese teatime, which is used for more significant occasions: in celebration of a wedding or special event, as a sign of respect, as a sincere apology. Tamie Adaya: Tea Time in Los Angeles and Around the World
  • We want to speak to anyone who thinks they might have seen him or spoken to him after teatime on Wednesday.
  • The teatime buddy is available free on iPhone and iPad. The Sun
  • He set off in the afternoon and was meant to meet Margaret in the bed and breakfast at teatime but did not turn up.
  • A teatime treat - and not just for the very young. Times, Sunday Times
  • Use tiered serving stands to show off your teatime delectables.
  • Afternoon teatime, in particular, draws people out their offices and away from their solitary pursuits.
  • I had my usual utter indecision when it came to talk of teatime and Hanna asked me what I fancied eating. Famous in Finland, Fixture in France
  • Teatime is when the belly and the soul refilled.
  • What a cunning ruse of theirs it was, to open for business each day bang on my daughter's teatime. Times, Sunday Times
  • The teatime buddy is available free on iPhone and iPad. The Sun
  • If we get some good ones, we may run a couple of the others on the teatime programme that day too.
  • We don't think so, hence this live teatime show about what to watch on the box is right up our street. The Sun
  • If you are partial to a Sunday teatime serial that unfolds on a dark winter's night then this is ideal viewing.
  • What a cunning ruse of theirs it was, to open for business each day bang on my daughter's teatime. Times, Sunday Times
  • She only has one meal a day at teatime. The Sun
  • Some teatimes, if the weather is fine, I pile the boys in the van and fry rashers overlooking the beach at Sandycove, a 15-minute-drive from the house.
  • Her Mediterranean vegetables with chicken and sweet potato was judged the tastiest of thousands of entries and is now a teatime treat with babies from seven months up.
  • Even as a child, I thought it a lateish hour to be serving an essentially teatime dish.
  • I hope you enjoy looking back through the teatimes of your childhood.
  • And then it was teatime the next day. The Sun
  • I'll be knackered by teatime. I'll need a drink and a nice line or two of charlie.
  • A nice fix at breakfast, one for elevenses, and another one at teatime, it was like breaks at the cricket, or something.
  • These can even be stored in an airtight container and served later as a teatime snack.
  • Night and Day has also become notorious for its decision to broadcast a raunchy, late-night omnibus (the other shows go out at teatime).
  • And now it's teatime the day after that and I still have no internet. The Sun
  • For sure, however, every schoolboy (of my generation anyway) knows when at teatime on 16 September the final score – Devon 4 New Zealand 55 – was received by the London sports news agency, the unbelieving subeditor confidently presumed a transmission error and reversed the result to Devon 55 New Zealand 4. How the original All Blacks went down in the annals of history
  • This is exceedingly terrible news for teatime and pudding treats. Times, Sunday Times
  • By teatime on Tuesday the phone was working again but I still can't get broadband.
  • What's the point of hosting the biggest teatime game show around if you can't get the odd holiday out of it? Times, Sunday Times
  • And the actors all played up to it, like foie gras geese at teatime. Times, Sunday Times
  • It's not as important as the flavor, but part of what I'm doing at teatime is taking time out from whatever else I was doing, and fiddling with my tea or hot chocolate helps with that. Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway
  • Lighter cakes, made with less fruit, to be eaten at teatime or for snacks, include Genoa cake.
  • This is causing chaos on the road, especially in the mornings and at teatime, and creating a huge traffic build-up.
  • If it's not interrupting teatime viewing of The Simpsons then it's popping up at the most unearthly of hours.
  • They met in the post office at teatime one afternoon as they were picking up their copies of the newspaper, which arrives in the village too late for morning collection.
  • I was totally horrified by the teatime set they served – soft-boiled eggs with eggshell fragments, soy sauce bottles with caps that fall off when you try to flavour your eggs… Babycartercl Diary Entry
  • Music moves on so quickly these days, that what is new and exciting at breakfast is passé and old hat by teatime!
  • At least I had missed the worst of the teatime traffic.
  • The recipes are segmented into nine chapters - meat, egg, fish, vegetables, rice, pickles, desserts, breakfast delights and teatime favourites.
  • These can even be stored in an airtight container and served later as a teatime snack.
  • We don't really know who'll be watching on a Saturday teatime and have even less idea which members of that unknown audience will be the people who bother to pick up the phone and vote.
  • By teatime on Friday he had not received a response.
  • If you're lucky, you arrive at teatime, when the scent of steeping Earl Grey perfumes the parlor.
  • Many teashops, restaurants and cafes offer a teatime comparable to those in Europe.
  • What a cunning ruse of theirs it was, to open for business each day bang on my daughter's teatime. Times, Sunday Times
  • What a cunning ruse of theirs it was, to open for business each day bang on my daughter's teatime. Times, Sunday Times
  • My head will keep on racing throughout this, I have no doubt," declares the speaker at the beginning of "Saturday Teatime" as she embarks on her first experience in the device known as a flotation tank, sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank. Review of What Becomes by A.L. Kennedy
  • The past few weeks she's been at her worst, and today has been the worst in the five-and-a-half-years I've been here - she's been bellowing at the sky from breakfast to teatime.
  • They looked as if they were in a film, and indeed many of them were on the teatime newsreels.
  • Now then, which cheese to take home for teatime toasties? Times, Sunday Times

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