tear away

  1. remove by pulling or ripping violently and forcefully
    The passing bus tore off her side mirror
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How To Use tear away In A Sentence

  • I. unsōfte þonan feorh oð-ferede, 2142. of-ferian, _to carry off, to take away, to tear away_: pret. ōðer swylc ūt offerede, _took away another such_ (sc. fifteen), 1584. fetel-hilt, st. n., _sword-hilt_, with the gold chains fastened to it: acc. Beowulf
  • The Chilean's eyes popped from his head as he struggled furiously to tear away the steel-sinewed hand that had stopped off his breath. "Terrors Unseen" by Harl Vincent, part 8
  • Gēata lēode, _men of the Gēatas, come from afar, have been brought hither_ (by ship), 361. oð-ferian, _to tear away, to take away_: pret. sg. Beowulf
  • To help Dern, Redgrave has to tear away some serious layers of denial.
  • A strong offshore wind can tear away young ice all the way to the beach, leaving open water even when winter temperatures are low.
  • He glanced down at her tear-stained face and wanted to kiss every tear away.
  • The actors tear away parts of their costumes, transforming the look into distressed steampunk.
  • Worsening monsoons tear away topsoil; drought parches land for years on end. Mort Rosenblum: India at 60, Monsoons, Weddings and Yet More Misery
  • Pull the fish's body up and away from the downturned head and the belly will tear away, removing the fatty part of the belly and the entrails and leaving them attached to the head. How do you skin and clean a catfish
  • She heard a knock at the door, and quickly whipped the tear away.
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