How To Use Taxonomically In A Sentence

  • Additionally, taxonomically troubling taxa such as Crataegus makes identification and quantification of aposematic species extremely difficult.
  • Taxonomically this places virinos between conventional viruses and viroids (a class of plant pathogens which neither need nor code for proteins to be infectious).
  • Because organisms compete exploitatively by consuming resources, and the same type of resource may be consumed by distantly related organisms, exploitative competition between taxonomically diverse organisms is common. Exploitative competition
  • The taxonomically diverse goniatites dominated the Carboniferous-Permian ammonoid fauna.
  • There is an Australian bird that is also sometimes known as the jabiru, but it is taxonomically distinct: Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus. Mystery bird: jabirú, Jabiru mycteria
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  • closely related taxonomically
  • Supra-orbital combs and wattles are fairly common in gallinaceous birds, but they also occur in other taxonomically unrelated bird families.
  • Cooperative breeding and eusociality are taxonomically widespread, occurring in social arthropods, colonial invertebrates, mammals, birds, fish, and bacteria.
  • Lipina grouped these specimens, that show sheets of cells, together with others that are clearly tubiform, but we do not see convincing evidence that these specimens are taxonomically related.
  • Various taxonomically indeterminate Crato Formation specimens also seem referable to the group. Archive 2006-11-01
  • Scanlon's theory is taxonomically interesting, in that while he adopts an expectational theory of promissory obligation, his underlying normative theory is straightforwardly contractualist. Transport: a Flash-Fiction Triptych

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