How To Use Taxidermist In A Sentence

  • Would we have to reassess the history of Abstract Expressionism if we were to discover that this taxidermist was Robert Rauschenberg's lover and that the artist's found objects were not appropriated from the streets and trash heaps of New York City but were actually pilfered from the museum's workrooms during their nighttime trysts? Other Simulated Worlds
  • What he is, Mr Sallinon, he's an animal stuffer, you know, taxidermist. FOOLS GOLD
  • I think a poacher is more likely to shoot a buck if he know's his taxidermist will mount it w/o a tag, so he's an accessory. Mounting Poached Bucks...
  • Yes | No | Report from bgreen902 wrote 28 weeks 1 day ago the flatfish is mY favorite lure. .caught a 24 3/4 inch rainbow on one of these about 2 months ago. .comin back from the taxidermist soon The 50 Greatest Lures of All Time
  • The Rivington otter has been sent to a Liverpool taxidermist to be stuffed.
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  • He described how once the animals are killed they are sent to a taxidermist in South Africa, where they are stuffed, mounted and then sent to the UK.
  • Yes | No | Report from codyboyd wrote 8 weeks 2 days ago just boil, then put it in bleach. my grandpa is a taxidermist. Im doing a skull mount on one of my deer, a friend told me to boil it in water, what do i need to put in the water to help every
  • The prize for the final event, the best overall bird, is that it will be stuffed free of charge by local taxidermist Gerry Lundy.
  • A friend who is a taxidermist has kept the fox in a freezer, but Jason, from Audenshaw, is unsure whether to have the animal stuffed.
  • The taxidermists will first remove the pet's internal organs which can be returned for burial at the request of the pet owner.
  • Leaving his position at Browning High School, Scriver focused his attention on developing a career as a professional taxidermist.
  • Unlike a hunting trophy that the taxidermist immortalizes as a token of man's domination over nature, stuffed animals are objects without a lived past.
  • There is also a selection of photographs from 1905-1915 of taxidermists, dancing bears and various dead animals.
  • Discussing the work with the artist, I find out the subjects were not alive in the great outdoors, but are actually a taxidermist's handiwork on display at the Smithsonian.
  • Wulsin referred to his bearers, cooks and taxidermists as his ‘army’.
  • What he is, Mr Sallinon, he's an animal stuffer, you know, taxidermist. FOOLS GOLD
  • By the 1880s almost every town and village had a professional taxidermist.
  • A stuffy is a baby crocodile mounted by a taxidermist to be sold as a souvenir. Steve and Me
  • Having qualified as a taxidermist from the North-Western School of Taxidermy, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A. in 1969, Gerry set up a taxidermy studio and fur exporting business in 1975.
  • Then they come to a taxidermist's shop with stuffed animals in the window.
  • They've raised the ire of more conservative taxidermists, and no doubt raised the stomach contents of many art fans.
  • One thing unites the animals: they are all dead but stuffed by taxidermists at Edinburgh's Royal Museum on Chambers Street.
  • Polly Morgan, 29, is a trained taxidermist and has made her name fashioning art out of dead animals that have met accidental or unpreventable death.
  • Taxidermists are at pains to point out that they merely preserve to ensure that humans' understanding of nature continues to grow.
  • A range of strange creatures has been rejuvenated at a taxidermist and returned to the museum last week to be joined by live tropical animals for the ‘hands on’ display.
  • Whereas the strange lifeless vitality of David Cameron, with his pink depilated sheen, seemed like the product of a taxidermist. Five Daughters; Welcome to Lagos; Joanna Lumley's Nile
  • About 100 cases occur each year in pet shop owners, poultry raisers, poultry processing plant employees, pigeon fanciers, taxidermists, and zoo attendants.
  • During a shoot at a taxidermist's office, they ran into some difficulties.
  • John Gould made his name as a taxidermist and was a curator and preserver to the Zoological Society, in London.
  • The interviews with taxidermists were horrifying, astonishing, strangely touching and stark, staring bonkers.
  • It is also the centerpiece of a small industry of outfitters, taxidermists and manufacturers of outdoor equipment and weapons.
  • Mr. Bridgefoot first encountered Mr. Williams years ago and the two bonded when Mr. Bridgefoot took a stuffed alligator off the taxidermist's hands after a client had refused to pay for it.
  • One thing unites the animals: they are all dead but stuffed by taxidermists at Edinburgh's Royal Museum on Chambers Street.
  • The paw trade has damaged hunting traditions with deep roots in Siberia, the taxidermist said, turning a hallowed male winter ritual into a mercantile exercise.
  • In 1824 Gould set up his taxidermy business in London and became the first taxidermist to enjoy royal patronage when he stuffed a Thick Knee'd Bustard for King George IV.
  • In addition, they visited a taxidermist who instructed them in the science of preserving lifelike specimens.
  • They made Frank into your stereotypical homosexual cymbalist and taxidermist; they made Lilly 'cute,' but Lilly's smallness was never cute to us. The Hotel New Hampshire
  • The warped handiwork of a taxidermist has given almost all of the stuffed animals odd expressions.
  • I wondered if the fault were nature's or the taxidermist 's. NO BODY
  • Later, in Victorian times, birds of prey were persecuted by game keepers, by taxidermists and by egg collectors.
  • I walked out, wondering what a taxidermist could have sold Jim Prudhomme for three hundred dollars. FOOLS GOLD

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