How To Use Tartness In A Sentence

  • This combination was a new one on me: it has always been citrus that chefs pair with duck, the fatty fowl undercut by the tartness of the fruit.
  • It was incredibly clever to add a subtle glaze to the top, the tartness was the perfect marriage to the citrus sweetness of the dense cake. Lemon yogurt anything cake | smitten kitchen
  • When cooked, quince mellows to an amazing pineapple-like taste with a hint of tartness.
  • They were delicious, eggy and light, their sweet richness countered by the tartness of lemon.
  • The red has a rich, fruity, almost Beaujolais-like flavor, very mild with just a hint of tartness.
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  • Marston, in his preface, wishes to be outlawed, and of whom he says that he fully merits the 'tartness' and freedom of his satire. Shakspere and Montaigne
  • The lettuce will barely help and the chutney's tartness doesn't seem to lessen the parched feeling, so that the tongue is virtually stuck to the roof of the mouth by the time one manages to finish eating.
  • Thus this box is a coppel in which the essences of all created things, the finest and the grossest, vapours and juices, the soft soothing oils, the bitternesses and tartnesses which at first seem grating, the flavour which evaporates in a momentary enjoyment, are put to the test. The Old Man of the Mountain, The Lovecharm and Pietro of Abano Tales from the German of Tieck
  • Acidity is used to indicate the quality of tartness or sharpness to the taster, the presence of agreeable fruit of acids.
  • Unfortunately, the wine was almost unbearably sickly sweet, without any tartness or depth, and about as refreshing as a jug of syrup.
  • Influences from abroad abound, with tastes such as pomegranate molasses adding a wonderfully sweet tartness to all sorts of salads, especially those featuring game, poultry, tangy cheese or grilled vegetables.
  • I mean this is already my favorite type of pastry - buttery, ‘short,’ fruity - and the rhubarb gave it a nice tartness.
  • I find that a lot of their tartness is lost when you use bottled juice, so make sure to pick up some fresh fruit to juice to make this loaf. Cherry Lime Bread | Baking Bites
  • Its cranberry tartness is balanced with just a hint of sweetness.
  • This delicious braised duck dish is nicely balanced by the slight sweetness and tartness of the fruit.
  • I love acidity in white wines, but the malic acid, just-bite-into-an-underripe-green apple tartness is too much here, throwing the wine off balance. The New York Cork Report:
  • Its cranberry tartness is balanced with just a hint of sweetness.
  • I love acidity in white wines, but the malic acid, just-bite-into-an-underripe-green apple tartness is too much here, throwing the wine off balance. The New York Cork Report:
  • Kunstler has the tartness and timing of a stand-up comic, so his complaints about American life often end up being as hilarious as they are damning.
  • To be honest, I prefer plain, straight-up cheesecake ... maybe with a touch of lemon or vanilla, and some tartness from the dairy used. Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Pan and a Giveaway! | Baking Bites
  • Grapes mature, yet there is always a very pungent tartness, which is felt remaining in the throat when one eats them in large quantities, arising from defect of cultivation. The Founder of New France : A chronicle of Champlain
  • This done, she letteth her mash run till the malt be left without liquor, or at the leastwise the greatest part of the moisture, which she perceiveth by the stay and soft issue thereof; and by this time her second liquor in the furnace is ready to seethe, which is put also to the malt, as the first woort also again into the furnace, whereunto she addeth two pounds of the best English hops, and so letteth them seethe together by the space of two hours in summer or an hour and a half in winter, whereby it getteth an excellent colour, and continuance without impeachment or any superfluous tartness. Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)
  • The zesty lime is bright and not too sweet, and its tartness is cut nicely by the rich flavor of the crust. Lime Meringue Tart | Baking Bites
  • I was really expecting for something truly new from Kenzo Amour, and instead I got quotes from different perfumes: The base is powdery musk and vanilla, as in Flower, or the signature dry down of the Ormonde Jayne line The tartness of Amour reminds me of the pink pepper and dates notes in Ta’if, and the steam rice recalls the basmati rice in Champaca. Archive 2006-09-01
  • Richness - oiliness and fattiness - is interesting because it's not technically one of the four tastes (sweet, salty, sour and bitter), but it has a balancing relationship with tartness, which is why we put pickles and ketchup on fatty burgers, eat pork with sauerkraut, and why it's always so surprising when someone points out that the main flavors in mayonnaise are oil and lemon. Politics
  • It is richer and fuller-bodied than the German wines, without the tartness which is strongly developed in nearly all the Rhenish varieties. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 79, May, 1864
  • This is a style of wheat beer that I especially enjoy, with its teasing counterpoint of tartness and chocolate-malt sweetness.
  • So does a wonderful dessert of fried plantain puffs centered with a pudding-like custard that's slightly sweet against the banana tartness.
  • Whether leftover roasted duck or store-bought or homemade confit is used, the green salsa, with the slight tartness of tomatillos, is a perfect foil for the rich flavor of duck. Duck Tacos: Tacos de Pato
  • I drank and grimaced at the tartness, the tang of spice, but it helped settle my stomach.
  • It's very close to being really tasty, but that little bit of tartness that crosses over to sour keeps it in the category of summer sipper. Hudson Valley Wine
  • The tartness of the icing is what really made these cookies for me. Archive 2009-04-01
  • Any tartness and capers seemed to have abandoned this dish for a more elegant life, leaving a creamy, flavourless gloop on the plate.
  • The mild tartness of the thin liquid cut through the dust and diesel fumes.
  • These taste like gummi candy with a touch of tartness. Yeah they're for kids, but hey it makes me remember to take them.
  • I think the tartness is the perfect counterpoint to the sweet topping… but I tend to like tart thingsto begin with. Breakfast apricot crisp | smitten kitchen
  • The cherries lend a sweet tartness, the chestnuts give a nuttiness in both texture and flavor, and the radicchio pops with a fresh, bitter tang that helps cut through the sweetness of the cherries and gaminess of the duck. Karine Bakhoum: Duck, Duck, NO Goose
  • This produces layer upon layer of complexity, going from sweetness to tartness in a single sip that will tantalize the taste buds.
  • Undeniably sweet with a bit of tartness, it comes across as a bite of a granny smith apple, a not unpleasant taste.
  • Though a pate, rich and gamy in flavor, may require the creamy weight and tartness of a barley wine or bock beer.
  • Andouille sausage adds some fat to the dish to counter the wine's tartness, which is also smoothed with a bit of cream. SFGate: Top News Stories
  • Don't skip the sliced tomato—its crisp tartness really perks things up.

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