[ US /ˈtɑɹnɪʃ/ ]
[ UK /tˈɑːnɪʃ/ ]
  1. make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically
    Her reputation was sullied after the affair with a married man
    The silver was tarnished by the long exposure to the air
  1. discoloration of metal surface caused by oxidation
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How To Use tarnish In A Sentence

  • She will clip her long, unruly hair with a tarnished barrette and see her off to school.
  • It's just that none of those festivals claims to be untarnished by commerce, unsmitten by celebrity, etc., etc. GreenCine Daily: Park City, 2/1.
  • The handle was just a sharply carved crescent moon shape, crudely cut from a tarnishing piece of bronze.
  • He then quitted the Congress membership, finding that sainthood is tarnished by too close contact with politicians. Changing India
  • As a self-confessed occasional HYS commenter on the BBC, it seems even their 'moderators' are tarnished by the bias and the 'house rules' are taken from their 'little labour book of creating wooly, abusable, and loopholed and rules and laws'. OPEN THREAD
  • This black varnish was applied presumably as an element of mourning, or, as Edwards suggested, either to match japanned furniture in the room or in reaction to the blackening of the silvering by tarnishing.
  • This statement of world-agreed fervent belief reminds us these values are everlasting and of perpetual beauty and may never be tarnished by any national politicians anywhere at any time.
  • Tarnish, as with silver, can be prevented by storing your jewellery in resealable plastic bag together with a sachet of silica gel.
  • In addition to its many uses in cooking, cream of tartar is one ingredient in an electrochemical method to remove tarnish from silver jewelry and cutlery.
  • Many modern owners see the coloration as tarnish and clean the surface, but it was probably intended to imitate the Japanese dark-colored alloys shibuichi and shakudo.
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