How To Use Tallith In A Sentence

  • Back in the redwoods in January 1997, a caravan of 100 worshippers - some wearing talliths, or fringed prayer shawls, as Jews have for thousands of years - hiked onto the timber firm's property and planted two dozen redwood seedlings along a barren stream bank.
  • Affright not Joel," Martha replied to her brother, "but tell me whether the _kittuna_ of this Rabbi is wool or flax, or his _tallith_ handsomely embroidered. The Coming of the King
  • Take now thy little _tallith_ and if thy faith fail thee, from the touch of it may new strength come. The Coming of the King
  • At the age of six, I myself wore a tallith katan, or scapular, under my shirt, only mine was a scrap of green calico print, whereas theirs are white linen.
  • Furthermore, it was not the tallith itself that had a religious significance, but the ‘tassels.’
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  • Instinctively the fisherman thrust his fingers against the little _tallith_, the touch of which aroused in him a mighty passion, for in the face of the serpent he now saw the lust of the Roman who had taken Sara. The Coming of the King
  • And though he wasn't an Orthodox Jew, he wore official davening gear: about his shoulders was his silky, white tallith with its blue stripes and fringes, and on his left arm and on his forehead were his tefillin—the leather boxes and straps favored by Jews for their morning prayers. Wake Up, Sir!
  • So my uncle was bicycling and praying, and his tallith, had he been on a real bicycle facing the wind and the elements, would have been flapping behind him like a cape. Wake Up, Sir!
  • The shul is brightly lit and the men, in their white talliths, sing and dance holding the Torah rolls in their arms, with the children waving their colourful banners.
  • On the eve of Yom Kippur the service begins before sunset, while it is still day, and therefore the tallith is worn on this occasion.
  • There are over 160 ceremonial and personal cloths - parokhets and Torah mantles, circumcision cloths and ornate talliths, hallah covers, tablecloths, pincushions, caps, bags, and more, photographed in full color to show the exquisite work and the care taken in handing them down through generations.
  • Then father came and wrapped me in his tallith and brought me back to my bed.
  • At the age of six, I myself wore a tallith katan, or scapular, under my shirt, only mine was a scrap of green calico print, whereas theirs are white linen.
  • Jewish patients at NYM enjoy regular visits by one of Pastoral Care's Rabbi's, who can provide other worship materials (talliths, tfillin), and be reached at any hour during a crisis.
  • They linked their talliths (prayer shawls) into a huppah (wedding canopy) and ordered us to squat beneath it.
  • Stop by a synagogue in Dublin or Dusseldorf on a Friday evening or Saturday morning, the way I did, and you will see worshipers donning the same traditional yarmulkes and talliths.
  • Nowadays, on the date referred to, Jews do not wear their tallith and phylacteries at morning prayer; by this act laying aside the outward signs of their covenant with God; but, contrary to custom, they put them on in the evening, when the fast is nearly over. Hebraic Literature; Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala
  • Also gone were all the writings in Hebrew (except medical texts) and all objects utilized in Jewish rituals, such as menorahs, mezuzahs, mizrahs, shofars, ceremonial knives used for circumcision, Torah covers and talliths.
  • They don talliths (prayer shawls) over their tweeds and attend the services of Louis Himmelfarb, dying unassimilated of cancer in a Catholic hospital.
  • From his coat Jael took a small bit of cloth suspended like an ornament on a neck cord and holding it toward Jesus said, "Her little _tallith_. The Coming of the King
  • Drawing himself into a sitting position, the Hindoo took the _tallith_, pressed it into the palm of his hand and sat for a short time without speaking. The Coming of the King
  • In an article published in Outlook magazine, written only three years before her death in New York City on September 6, 1987, Evelyn Garfiel declared that Jewish women should assume traditionally male ritual obligations such as daily prayer and the wearing of a tallith and tefillin. Evelyn Garfiel.
  • A man does not have to wear a tallith if he is unmarried. Chesler Chronicles » Khomeini-ism Comes to Israel: Women of the Wall vs. the Jewish State

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