How To Use Talk down In A Sentence

  • A family law barrister close to the Crikey crew advises that many men attempt to talk down their earning capacity when they are negotiating settlements with former wives.
  • God, I did like clerking which is the person who the secretaries talk down to. The Lesbian sleepover, a specialist, collecting things, and local politics
  • But most of the talk down at the only hotel is about big fish. Times, Sunday Times
  • By learning positive self-talk he will discover how to talk down the anxious thoughts. Times, Sunday Times
  • Spin it, talk it up, smear and talk down critics - that's the ticket.
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  • The parties to an argument, absorbed in admiration of their own opinions, seek not to become wiser through discourse, which should be the end sought in all Conversation of an argumentative or discussive character, but seek only to draw attention to their own views and opinions; until that which should be Conversation degenerates into a mere war of words, in which each party strives to talk down, rather than to convince, the other. The Elements of Character
  • Dairy companies and co-ops have been urged to show their commitment to dairy farmers by putting an end to attempts to talk down the price of milk.
  • We have to dial that kind of scaredy-cat talk down a few notches. Undefined
  • In its enthusiasm to extol farm-to-tableism, the series tends to talk down to its audience, as during a rave over Indian produce with names like Cherokee Red: "Before America was colonized, these tribes were using organic methods before organic was even a buzzword. Tough Chick, Tender Chickens
  • Despite the plan, officials and the haulage industry are keen to talk down the prospect of fuel protests for fear of sparking panic.
  • But most of the talk down at the only hotel is about big fish. Times, Sunday Times
  • When he got to the bottom, Jack chopped the beanstalk down, and the giant fell to the ground, dead.
  • POLICE called in a hostage negotiator to talk down two men having a row on an roof just eight feet off the ground. The Sun
  • But most of the talk down at the only hotel is about big fish. Times, Sunday Times
  • But he doesn't talk down to his callers and, unlike some of the big names, he doesn't shout them down, either.

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