taken up

  1. having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something
    was absolutely obsessed with the girl
    became more and more haunted by the stupid riddle
    he was taken up in worry for the old woman
    got no help from his wife who was preoccupied with the children
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How To Use taken up In A Sentence

  • A good deal of my time is taken up with reading critical essays and reviews.
  • Hurrah!" came from the right, and the cheer was taken up from the left, while _crack, crack, crack_, rifles were being brought well into play. Charge! A Story of Briton and Boer
  • (C and D) CG14217 is present at high levels in the pole plasm and is taken up by the pole cells.
  • Some of those nearest to him fell naturally into the habit of referring to him as “the King,” and in time the title crept out of the immediate household and was taken up by others who loved him. Mark Twain: A Biography
  • Said boy was taken up by Thomas Walton, and says _he was free_, and that his parents live near Shawneetown, Illinois, and that he was _taken_ from that place in July 1836; says his father's name is William, and his mother's Sally Brown, and that they moved from Fredericksburg, The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Part 3 of 4
  • Anyone who has once taken up the WORD can never again evade it; a writer is not the detached judge of his compatriots and contemporaries, he is an accomplice to all the evil committed in his native land or by his countrymen. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn - Nobel Lecture
  • The Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once made a tentative suggestion that a theory uniting quantum mechanics and relativity might lead to an objective state reduction, and others have taken up and built on this idea.
  • Many of the Confederates were of opinion that this decisive victory would be the end of the war, and that the North, seeing that the South was able as well as willing to defend the position it had taken up, would abandon the idea of coercing it into submission. With Lee in Virginia A Story of the American Civil War
  • Might not that message been taken up by my immune system?
  • He had, so the court was told, taken up with a 'widgie-type' girl who had the 'unstable combination of an adult body and an immature mind'.
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