How To Use Tachograph In A Sentence

  • Officers would also be checking the vehicle for defects, inspecting the tachograph and checking for any alcohol content in the bodies of the drivers.
  • A lorry driver in the last ten years of his working life, struggling to cope with modern traffic and trying to deliver goods on time, falsifies his tachograph.
  • A complex investigation by Cumbria police has led to 13 drivers working for a Northern Ireland haulage firm admitting falsifying their tachograph records. News round-up
  • Thankfully, the latest breed of electronic tachographs are much easier to fit into the facias of such vehicles than the older style units were.
  • And Patrick Boyle, the managing director, also pleaded not guilty to perverting the course of justice by attempting to dispose of tachograph vehicle units. News round-up
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  • ‘We tend to think of lorry drivers who use tachographs and are obviously expected by law to drive within set limits,’ she said.
  • Peter Johnson, of Inchcape Ford Farnborough, worked with them to determine the correct information regarding tachograph regulations and supported their fund-raising efforts through sponsorship from Inchcape Farnborough. Automotive Headlines
  • Using the integrated OmniExpress system's on-board computer with the vehicle's digital tachograph, Waberer's will be able to monitor driver and vehicle activities remotely. WebWire | Recent Headlines
  • Like a black box or tachograph, it also keeps a record of its measurements and could even contact the police or slow or stop the car.
  • The firm sells software to haulage companies, including invoicing and tachograph analysis systems. Times, Sunday Times
  • Luckily for him, the bus's tachograph showed that he had in fact been doing 29 mph.
  • Haulage drivers are already affected by tachographs on vehicles and there are quite tough restrictions for how long you can drive and leaving long rest periods.
  • Either he operated a switch on the tachograph recorder which should only be operated when he is not the driver, or he inserted the disc on which the tachograph mechanically records information in a position which is used by a non-driver.
  • Those who admitted forging their tachograph records were: James Aird, 48, of Mountblow News round-up
  • A Carlow man was fined an accumulative sum of £150 for failing to have a tachograph on his lorry and having no tax displayed on his vehicle.
  • Hunkered down in his cab, the man reportedly gobbled up the paper discs of his truck's tachograph, which records speed and the time driven. Latest News - Yahoo!7 News
  • All the charges related to alleged tachograph offences between November 2007 and November News round-up
  • They plan to keep unroadworthy vans at the roadside until repairs are carried out and to check drivers' hour-counting tachograph machines to make sure they are not being overworked.
  • The jury heard expert evidence that the vehicle's tachograph showed Mr Shapland had been travelling at 55mph (89km/h) in a 40mph (64km/h) zone, and that braking had reduced the speed to 52mph (84km/h) at the point of impact. BBC News - Home
  • He has previously been fined for carrying dangerous loads and not calibrating a tachograph on one of his vehicles.
  • Tools such as the tachograph, which keeps a record of the distance travelled and rest periods taken, will also be used to enforce the new rules.
  • The retrieved tachograph had recorded a speed of 122 kilometres per hour at the time of the accident.
  • In the current study, breathing pattern was measured using a pneumotachograph attached to a T piece while the patient inspired supplemental oxygen.
  • This is a powerful indicator to their standing as commercials, and hence they will require a tachograph when towing a trailer for commercial purposes.
  • The new rules forbid drivers of commercial vehicles, including rescue tow trucks, from travelling more than 62 miles from their bases unless the vehicle is fitted with a tachograph – a device that monitors the number of hours spent on the road. Archive 2008-06-01
  • Since the tachograph requires odometer pulse information, most vehicle models provide such a signal.
  • His tachograph showed that the brakes had not been applied at all, said the prosecutor.
  • The dispute was over the ‘spy in the cab’ use of tachographs, which showed the speed and length of travel.

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