1. a sock with a separation for the big toe; worn with thong sandals by the Japanese
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How To Use tabis In A Sentence

  • Habet haec ciuitas consuetudinem, quod quando vnus vult facere conuiuium amicis suis, ad hoc sunt hospitia deputata, et vbi ille circuit per hospites, dicens sibi tales amicos meos habebis, quos festabis nomine meo, et tantum in festo volo expendere, et per illum modum meliùs conuiuant amici in pluribus hospitijs quam facerent in vno. The Journal of Friar Odoric
  • With sulfur's price at an all-time high and supply being short, Solvay Chemicals has decided to boost sales prices for sodium sulfite and sodium metabisulfite products. Purchasing - Top Stories
  • With processed foods such as baked goods, snacks, and jam, scan ingredient labels for sulfur dioxide, potassium bisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, and sodium sulfite. The real risks of sulfites
  • On the blue-gray waters of Lake Edward, where the eastern fringe of Congo blends into Uganda, Byanmongo Matabishi, a fisherman from the Congolese village of Vitshumbi, stands on a pirogue and shakes his head. As Go the Hippos …
  • Quem uero effecisse quod uoluerit uideas, num etiam potuisse dubitabis? The Theological Tractates and The Consolation of Philosophy
  • Sulfites (sodium sulfite, sulfur dioxide, sodium or potassium bisulfate, sodium or potassium metabisulfite) - These substances are used as preservatives/antioxidants and are found in: dried, canned, or frozen fruit; wine; beer; maraschino cherries; bakery items; canned shrimp; precut potatoes; olives; and bottled lemon juice. Understanding the Need for Limiting Your Intake of Food Additives
  • At the same time, technical grade sodium metabisulfite will rise 37¢/lb while food and photo grade sodium metabisulfite will increase by 37¢/lb. Purchasing - Top Stories
  • Sulfite substances that can be used are: sodium sulfite sodium bisulfite potassium metabisulfite sodium metabisulfite Chapter 6
  • Derivatives of sulfites include bisulfites, metabisulfites, and sulfur dioxide.
  • The Taiko costume - black shirt and pants, white tabis, black wristbands, a pink sash around the waist, and, for the boys, a pink turban-like headdress - was next to impossible to put on without help.
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