How To Use Tabby cat In A Sentence

  • A grey tabby cat with white legs and wearing a red collar with a bell was found in the Hawthorn area of the town over the New Year period.
  • Secular Americans may be further discomfited to learn that their government's top lawyer is reputed to believe that tabby cats are satanic.
  • I couldn't help but to notice a small, dirty tabby cat sitting attentively by a wooden leg of a jewellery stand.
  • The fox tabby cat has clearly, the obvious streak.
  • An alert tabby cat saved an Australian family of four from a house fire by clawing at its owner's face.
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  • An orange tabby cat poked its head out of the grass and mewed.
  • A large, tabby cat came in, sniffed round his shoes then jumped up on his lap.
  • He was an orange tabby cat, with sleek fur, pointy ears, and a pink nose.
  • In the next suite was a man, a woman and a dark grey tabby cat.
  • The Tabby Cat character of our family is really weird.
  • Tabby cats -- the soft, fattish kind, without any manlike qualities, that seemed to be by far the greater proportion of all the men one saw about in buses and in the streets and met in business; tabby cats -- sloppy, old-womanish creatures. This Freedom
  • He sent an ambulance to me, and while I waited for it, I sat on the curb, scared stiff, clutching a matted, long-haired tabby cat.
  • Gazing dreamily out of my bedroom window on a Sunday, I noticed a domestic tabby cat locked in mortal combat with a snake.
  • A yellow tabby cat walks over Annemarie's leg and jumps off the bed. HOMELAND AND OTHER STORIES
  • When I came down to the kitchen to give them their breakfast, I found two kittens hiding under the dresser and our neighbour's very large tabby cat on the conservatory windowsill!
  • A yellow tabby cat walks over Annemarie's leg and jumps off the bed. HOMELAND AND OTHER STORIES
  • Does 'tabby' weaving have some oblique connection to tabby cats? Silk in early England
  • In the corner a tabby cat is curled round a nest of her kittens.

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