How To Use Taal In A Sentence

  • The Penguins tied it 10 seconds later when Matt Cooke put a rebound of Jordan Staal's backhander from the slot past Backstrom for his second goal.
  • And throughout the concert, when the two mandolinists weren't playing, they counted the taal or rhythm with sinuous hand movements. In concert: U. Shrinivas at Millennium Stage
  • His performance, voice, phrasing, sensitivity, alaap, bandishes, as well as total control over sur and taal contribute to his magnetic concerts.
  • Points would be awarded for timing; tonal quality of the original piece; breaking of the taal or changing from one beat to the next; overall discipline; and, stage presentation.
  • Shubin et al.: "In both Tiktaalik and early tetrapods, the ulnare is block-shaped and articulates with multiple radials or digits, whereas the intermedium is a simple rod. Evolution News & Views
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  • Shubin et al.: "In both Tiktaalik and early tetrapods, the ulnare is block-shaped and articulates with multiple radials or digits, whereas the intermedium is a simple rod. Evolution News & Views
  • To that extent, her responsibility is to ensure that all allies are singing in the same raga and the same taal.
  • She performed and made the audience familiar with the ‘pungloi joboi’ or the rhythm of the dance, besides the ‘tanchep,’ which included four beats with a stress and the ‘Brahma taal,’ 28 beats with 10 stresses.
  • Brian Rafalski got outmuscled on Jordan Staal's short-handed goal. Penguins beat Red Wings 4-2 in Game 4 to even series
  • Ah jaa, Itaalia televisioon näitas klippe Punaselt Väljakult ka, Itaalia delegatsiooni kõnet ja puha. Tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • Ik ben benieuwd hoe je ‘klinkt’ in het Nederlands, hoewel ik toch denk dat ik je liever in het Engels lees … In elk geval gefeliciteerd met je boek (in welke taal dan ook)! Een leven, een liefde, een weblog
  • Socdaalka Nuur Cadde ayaa isugu jira mid shaqo iyo mid caafimaad sida uu sheegay mas'uul ka mid ah wafdiga Ra'iisul wasaaraha, isagoo booqday Isbitaalka uu ku jiray Madaxweynaha Somalia, waxayna qaateen kulan gaar ah. [unknown placeholder $my.siteName$]
  • Tjeks ten bedrae van meer as R14 miljoen is reeds op 14 Oktober 1993 aan leweransiers van alle rasse uitbetaal. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • At the end of 2005 the Dutch government program Open Standards and Open Source Software OSOSS initiated the OpenTaal project to coordinate the various Dutch open source projects that had an interest in the new spelling, with the aim of developing a Dutch word list conforming to the new spelling. The Word on the (Dutch) Street: OpenTaal
  • IJ represented Taalib-Din Uqdah, who wanted to make his living braiding hair in Washington, D.C. But he couldn't do that without becoming a licensed cosmetologist, a requirement that would have cost him thousands of dollars. Litigating for Liberty
  • The battle forms part of a rear-guard action by conservatives to defend their "taal," or tongue, in privileged bastions - the military, civil service, schools - where it held sway under apartheid. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • En verder, so dat die gebruik en ontwikkeling van 'n taal-medium nie bedoeld of onbedoeld die basis word vir die bevordering van rasse, etniese of eng kulturele afsondering nie. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Die blote feit dat ek 'n taal van ons land kan gebruik wat U ANC Daily News Briefing
  • No member of the Serrataal had ever been permanently disincorporated, but the Wanderer resolved that the Apostate would be the first. Reap the Whirlwind
  • A lake of southwest Luzon, Philippines, south of Manila . It contains Volcano Island volcano Mount Taal.
  • Lõpuks ei pidanud too seltskond enam vastu ja tuli küsima "vabandage, aga milline Itaalia dialekt see on? Tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • Üliliigutav taust - ning informatiivne, andes teadmised, milline oli Itaalia noil tinasteil aastail. Tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • Kuhja sees muda ja süsivesinike segu tunduks nagu keevat: tegelikult väljub see keskkonnatemperatuuril, ning on soolane (sellest ka sõna "salse", itaaliakeelsest "salate" - soolased). Tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • Die blote feit dat ek 'n taal van ons land kan gebruik wat U Majesteit maklik verstaan, dui op die uitgebreide bande wat sedert eeue tussen ons twee land bestaan - bande, nie net op taal en kulturele terrein nie, maar oor die hele spektrum van die Suid - Afrikaanse samelewing. SPEECH BY PRESIDENT NELSON MANDELA AT A BANQUET IN HONOUR OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN BEATRIX OF THE NETHERLANDS
  • Och strax wardt medh Ängelen itt stoort taal aff then himmelska häärskaran, the ther loffuadhe Gudh, och sadhe, Ära ware Gudh j högden, Och på jordenne fridh, Och menniskiomen en godh wilie. Making Light
  • Tiktaalik is transitional in the evolutionary shift from the pharyngeal and opercular pumps employed by fish to the buccal and costal pumping mechanisms of tetrapods. Transitions on the DI blog - The Panda's Thumb
  • Over the same period other publishers produced a further 100 items, including the only publications in Pukapukan (from Mataaliki Press) and the Pasifika Press series of dictionaries and/or language course books in Samoan, Cook Islands Mäori and Tongan. Book & Print in New Zealand: A Guide to Print Culture in New Zealand
  • Languages aladin give me a taali aladin, give me a hi five sun tera bheja hai khaali listen your head is empty tujhse aa ke kismat hai gale milne waali fortune is going to come and hug you dekhi lakh lakh pardesi girl, ain't nobody like my desi girl en Español Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • The usual ingredients are aatop rice, ground glass, a spice called taal magna, a resin-like material called ranamastaki, a fragrant cardamom-like spice called tosh, powdered ruby and lapis lazuli and, in some cases, even diamond dust. The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) - Frontpage
  • Dit wil voorkom asof hierdie tsotsi-bendes met die afbrand van drankwinkels soveel drank buitgemaak en verober het dat dit hul verantwoordelikheidsgrense (inhibisies) totaal verwyder het, sodat geweld, anargie en chaos verder hoogty gevier het. 'I Saw a Nightmare …' Doing Violence to Memory: The Soweto Uprising, June 16, 1976
  • Her sparkling eyes and mischievous glance from under her bright saffron veil were delightful, and her footwork was sharp and true to the taal.
  • Dit is die taal van die polisie en die taal van die tronk. SPEECH OF NELSON MANDELA, DEPUTY PRESIDENT OF THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS
  • Those who really know their raags from their taals will probably be transported by the wit with which the internal changes of each piece are executed, but you don't need specialist knowledge to appreciate the vivacity of the disc.
  • Ons kannie ouers dwing nie, maar as ons werklik ernstig is oor geletterdheid en die waarde van moedertaalonderwys in die verband, moet ons baie meer doen om ouers hieroor in te lig en te oorreed dat moedertaalonderwys, minstens op laerskoolvlak, die beste vir hulle kinders is. Speech by Advocate Andre Gaum during the budget vote debate
  • Staal tied the game late in the first period and seemed to wake up the Hurricanes with an even flukier goal. - Sports News
  • At any rate, it was the habit of Henri Marais, who was excessively religious, to read his chapter of the Bible (which it is, or was, the custom of the Boers to spell out every morning, should their learning allow them to do so), not in the "taal" or patois Dutch, but in good old French. Marie An Episode in The Life of the late Allan Quatermain
  • Tiktaalik would have breathed like a lungfish, says Clack, senior assistant curator at Cambridge's University Museum of Zoology.
  • Ik ben benieuwd hoe je ‘klinkt’ in het Nederlands, hoewel ik toch denk dat ik je liever in het Engels lees … In elk geval gefeliciteerd met je boek (in welke taal dan ook)! Een leven, een liefde, een weblog
  • An authority on Indian Classical music, Surinder Singh "Singh Bandhu" said that parhtaal gayaki was the most arduous and subtle form of singing even as it was the singular constituent of Guru Granth sahib. PunjabNewsline News
  • Though my son isn't a dancer, he knows so much about the process and the taal - which means rhythm. Times, Sunday Times
  • Veel tulevad meelde need ettevõtjad, kes satuvad paanikasse, kui ei saagi oma toidukohast 118% kasumimarginaali, kui saavad ainult 7% ja see itaallane, kes ei saanud aru, miks Tallinna vanalinnas kohvi nii kallis peab olema ja tegi sinna oma odavama osteria. Tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • Staal, whose key short-handed goal carried the Penguins to a 4-2 victory in Game 4, skated in on a 2-on-1 break started by Tyler Kennedy. Penguins push Stanley Cup Finals to Game 7 with 2-1 win
  • One journalist jokingly asked whether it would be translated into tsotsi taal (gangster slang). ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Tiktaalik, Menton said, is not unique in having these bones because other lobe-fish, such as "coelacanth" fish, also have them. Dikika Hominid Revisited Devolving Into Tiktaalik Revisited
  • Sa saad selle camerata Kesselring, selle monumendi, mida ootad meilt, itaallasilt kuid kivi, millest see ehitada valime meie. Tatsutahime Diary Entry
  • We went through a sort of baroque period, with an obsession for moreness," said Alan Koch, a principal at Taalman Koch Architecture in Los Angeles. NYT > Home Page
  • A. van Delden, “De taal van de hemel,” Bijbel en Wetenschap 24 1979: 22–23. Modern Science in the Bible
  • I posted some clearly pertinent information about the author, the codiscoverer of Tiktaalik roseae, an intermediate organism between fish and tetrapods. 3….2….1….

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