[ US /ˈstɹeɪt/ ]
[ UK /stɹˈe‍ɪt/ ]
  1. (of hair) having no waves or curls
    her naturally straight hair hung long and silky
  2. erect in posture
    sit straight
    stood defiantly with unbowed back
  3. neatly arranged; not disorderly
    the room is straight now
  4. without evasion or compromise
    he is not being as straightforward as it appears
    a square contradiction
  5. characterized by honesty and fairness
    a square deal
    straight dealing
  6. no longer coiled
  7. (of an alcoholic drink) without water
    took his whiskey neat
  8. having no deviations
    straight lines
    straight roads across the desert
    straight teeth
    straight shoulders
  9. following a correct or logical method
    straight reasoning
  10. successive (without a break)
    sick for five straight days
  11. not homosexual
  12. accurately fitted; level
    the window frame isn't quite true
  13. rigidly conventional or old-fashioned
  14. in keeping with the facts
    set the record straight
    made sure the facts were straight in the report
  15. free from curves or angles
    a straight line
  1. without deviation
    went direct to the office
    the path leads directly to the lake
  2. in a straight line; in a direct course
    the road runs straight
  3. in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly
    he didn't answer directly
    told me straight out
    came out flat for less work and more pay
  1. a poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit)
  2. a person having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex
  3. a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse
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How To Use straight In A Sentence

  • Beard is rather dismissive of their optical sophistication, shown in the curvature of the stylobate and in the entasis of the columns — the slight outward swelling of a column designed to counter the optical illusion of concavity, were the columns 'sides to be perfectly straight. Looking for the Lost Greeks
  • So I cringe when a local newsperson shoves a microphone in the face of some young 95-pound twink (Straight Translation: a twink is a skinny homosexual with a lot of moxie). Max Mutchnick: Where Is My Martin Luther Queen?
  • A few alpha particles were deflected from their straight course.
  • Perhaps it comes straight out of that party line dictionary that was written in a smoke-filled room in Sevastapol Street by the same faceless Provo apparatchik who a few years back advocated the practically endless use of the term 'securocrat'. Archive 2009-01-01
  • He would make an appointment with him to straighten out a couple of things.
  • Every time I can scrape a few quid together, I smack 'em straight into the premium bonds.
  • They are weird stubby boats, and you have to do a lot more work to propel and keep them on a straight course through the water.
  • I often position an athlete in front of a mirror that has grid lines on it, ask them to close their eyes and stand up straight. Muscle Management
  • With people still applauding, he jumped off the stage and made his way straight towards me. Times, Sunday Times
  • They searched for his body, handlining with grappling hooks, setting gill nets straight offshore and hauling seine. AMAGANSETT
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