[ UK /spɹˈɛd/ ]
[ US /ˈspɹɛd/ ]
  1. process or result of distributing or extending over a wide expanse of space
  2. a haphazard distribution in all directions
  3. farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)
  4. the expansion of a person's girth (especially at middle age)
    she exercised to avoid that middle-aged spread
  5. a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
  6. two facing pages of a book or other publication
  7. a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed
    the Thanksgiving feast
    they put out quite a spread
    a banquet for the graduating seniors
  8. a conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures
    gap between income and outgo
    the spread between lending and borrowing costs
  9. decorative cover for a bed
  10. act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time
  1. become widely known and passed on
    the story went around in the office
    the rumor spread
  2. distribute or disperse widely
    The invaders spread their language all over the country
  3. cover by spreading something over
    spread the bread with cheese
  4. move outward
    The soldiers fanned out
  5. cause to become widely known
    spread information
    circulate a rumor
    broadcast the news
  6. become distributed or widespread
    Optimism spread among the population
    the infection spread
  7. spread out or open from a closed or folded state
    spread your arms
    open the map
  8. spread across or over
    A big oil spot spread across the water
  9. strew or distribute over an area
    He spread fertilizer over the lawn
    scatter cards across the table
  10. distribute over a surface in a layer
    spread cheese on a piece of bread
  1. prepared or arranged for a meal; especially having food set out
    a table spread with food
  2. fully extended in width
    with arms spread wide
    outspread wings
  3. distributed or spread over a considerable extent
    eleven million Jews are spread throughout Europe
    has ties with many widely dispersed friends
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How To Use spread In A Sentence

  • In my view his confrontational, gladiatorial style has been a major contributor to the widespread disdain of the British public for politicians generally. Times, Sunday Times
  • He hoped the roots would harbor the fungi and spread them throughout the compost, but the fungi didn't spread well enough.
  • Those morning glories are grown every year along the south face of the historic, well-preserved post-and-beam barn that is the center of Heritage Farm; the 890-acre spread a few miles north of Decorah that Seed Savers Exchange now calls home. Kurt Michael Friese: Memories of a Life Spent Saving Seeds
  • The result of such rack-rent can only be evil, —abuse and neglect of the soil, deterioration in the character of the laborers, and a widespread sense of injustice. VIII. Of the Quest of the Golden Fleece.
  • I feel unwanted feel like leaving spreading lies can't help but feel lonelily you've damned me to hell once twice and again you're supposed to be my parents not just another person that hates me dead - alive Godhatesu Diary Entry
  • Schedule 3 comprises a number of toxic or precursor chemicals with widespread industrial uses, such as phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, phosphorus trichloride and thionyl chloride.
  • So in terms of home furnishing it is expected to have curtain, bedspreads, cushion covers etc.
  • Many people striving to get through the next fortnight of seemingly ceaseless spending may be tempted to spread the cost with a zero per cent credit card. Times, Sunday Times
  • Competition between siblings for resources is widespread in the broods of altricial birds.
  • Severe paruresis in school aged children can also lead to complete school refusal by the child, as well as more pervasive anxiety that can spread into other areas of life, such as social anxiety or even panic attacks. WebWire | Recent Headlines
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