How To Use Spectrograph In A Sentence

  • This paper, firstly analyzes the affect caused by the uncertainty, then studies the statistics and time series based method for spectrographic oil data processing and wear diagnosis. An example ...
  • Telescopic, gravimetric, and spectrographic scans have revealed fourteen planets in the system.
  • Basically, the spectroheliograph has two spectrographs mounted back-to-back.
  • To confirm the planetary nature of GJ1214b and to obtain its mass using the so-called Doppler method, the astronomers needed the full precision of the HARPS spectrograph, attached to ESO's 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla. Astronomers Find Super-Earth With An Atmosphere | Universe Today
  • This approach enables a single imaging spectrograph to perform the work of several independent spectrographs.
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  • By combining a spectrograph and a solar telescope a spectrohelioscope allows us to tune to a specific wavelength without having to purchase several filters.
  • I directed the axis of the collimator of my spectrograph first perpendicular to the axis of a beam of hydrogen canal rays, and on a second occasion I allowed the canal rays in the axis of the collimator to approach it. Johannes Stark - Nobel Lecture
  • Finally, the Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph, or UVIS, studies wavelengths shorter than humans can see, out to the far ultraviolet.
  • However, to the naked eye, the color of emission seems identical among these species, but only spectrographic analysis can prove this.
  • Spectrographs are devices used by astronomers to break up the light collected by a telescope into its various colors, or wavelengths.
  • There was a Geiger counter, an automatic spectrograph, two atmosphere suits, a torsion densimeter, a core-cutting drill, a few small hammers and picks, two spare air tanks, boxes of food concentrate, a paint tube, a doorless jimmy-john and two small metal boxes about eight inches cube. The Risk Profession
  • The variation of the roasted green tea aroma during tea processing was studied by gas chromatography and mass spectrograph (GC/MS).
  • the speech spectrum was displayed spectrographically
  • Our particular kind of work requires the close and continued collaboration of at least half a dozen highly specialized workers: one for preparing and calibrating the screens and the absorption foils used in scintillation counts; one for preparing the disintegration apparatus itself, the substances which are to be investigated in it and the gas with which it is filled; one for working the mass spectrograph and its auxiliary instruments; and one specialist on photography ... Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices: Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna
  • At the time, the instrument—CRIRES, or the cryogenic high-resolution infrared echelle spectrograph—may have been the most powerful land-based astronomical instrument in the world for identifying and characterizing gases such as methane on distant planets and stars, allowing for a more precise locating of the methane plumes than ever before. First Contact
  • The planet's name," Mr. Chekov said, "is 1212 Muscae IV: the fourth body out from 1212 Mus, an orange type-F8 star with no spectrographic or historical anomalies worth mentioning. Doctor’s Orders
  • An imaging spectrograph, a digital camera, and a computer analyze the amount of laser light absorbed by the apples, which indicates sweetness.
  • When this nebula is observed with a slitless spectrograph the hydrogen and nebulium components are seen as circular discs, but the hydrogen discs are larger than the nebulium discs. Popular Science Monthly Oct, Nov, Dec, 1915 — Volume 86
  • Grappling with a wonderful assortment of objects - from antique orreries to modern spectrographs - Davis Baird draws the reader deep into fascinating questions about the nature of knowledge.
  • How'bout I think about it over a particle spectrograph and call you back? BAD MEDICINE
  • So presumably the amount present can be deduced from spectrographic data and the amount infered by this and other means is insufficient for the job. Being a Heretic is Hard Work
  • When the raw recordings were digitalized and tailored for spectrographic analyses, we counted the number of bouts that consisted of at least two songs and also the number of single songs.
  • He supplements the recordings with a diary of observations and gathers detailed pedological, hydrological, meteorological and astronomical data along with spectrographic documentation of magnetic fluctuations using very low frequency radio. Investigation
  • I can't tell what it is without having to conduct a spectrographic analysis first.
  • How'bout I think about it over a particle spectrograph and call you back? BAD MEDICINE
  • The paper introduces the basic principle, constitutes and classify of Mass spectrograph, and mainly reviews the application of food analysis in injurant and toxicant.
  • Astronomers have proven this by analyzing the light of distant objects with spectrographs.
  • The air looked sweet and noncarcinogenic on the spectrograph. A Hole In Space
  • Finally, several of the persons mentioned must act as counters in scintillation observations when the ordinary disintegration apparatus or the mass spectrographs are used. 170 Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices: Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna
  • A spectrograph uses optical elements called gratings or prisms to separate the light gathered by a telescope into its component colors.
  • The imaging spectrograph is connected to a computer.
  • The proportions of these isotopes have been computed from spectrographic analysis.
  • Moira sits amongst reams of print-outs and screens of spectrographic soundwave data.
  • Telescopic, gravimetric, and spectrographic scans have revealed fourteen planets in the system.
  • The high-resolution spectrographs on the world's largest telescopes were able to measure wavelengths in quasar spectra more accurately than they had ever been measured in the laboratory.

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